Process Improvement Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Process Improvement Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He gives recommendations that make better products and improve processes.

He always suggests possible improvements to our products and processes.

John really exceeds when it comes to improving products and processes.

He always strived to improve himself, the people around him and the processes by which we all worked.

Either when given a task or saw an improvement that could be made he ran with it and was quickly able to get the task completed or process improved.

His consultation, feedback and focus on continuous improvement were always impeccable.

He brought structure to many processes and topics that clearly needed to be improved.

He raises the bar with consistency, process improvement and cultural values.

He welcomes new technologies that compliment process improvement.

He knows how to prioritize his work and consistently improve processes around it.

John also worked on analyzing, mapping and suggesting process improvements.

He regularly found ways to improve communications and processes.

He worked hard to establish or improve processes where possible.

His consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results.

This is coupled with his consultative selling style and his detailed thought process.

John provided us with some transformational school improvement and leadership consultancy.

His goals were simple, to reduce actions and or processes to improve efficiency.

He methodically goes about identifying key gaps and strives for process improvements.

He was, in fact, the only consultant that really understood the process change we were implementing.

He produces results by improving processes, and getting the best from his people.

John recently facilitated the start of an expansion process improvement for our organization.

His consultation process is amenable while keeping the strategic outcomes of the four.

John also served as a mentor providing help regarding processes to his peers and was key in improving these processes.

His leadership in process improvement is valuable and always challenges the response "we've always done it this way".

With his diplomatic approach, he challenges certain aspects of requirements for positive process improvement.

During his leadership, positive changes were effected, responsiveness improved and processes adhered to.

John provided exceptional results within a very tight timeframe for our company on process improvement.

He consistently asked insightful questions & offered suggestions for process improvements.

During the year we have worked together, he has been innovative and concise in improving processes.

His drive for process improvement is untiring and inspires others to do their best work.

He always followed by his recruitment process and made sure everything went well as part of his onboarding process.

John can always be relied upon for a compassionate and thoughtful consultation that can improve situations dramatically.

He thinks of ways to make our company an even better place to be, and how to improve consulting all around.

His advice as a consultant improved our processes, our managerial discourse and has resulted in vastly improved meetings, better prioritization and shorter time to value.

Him help and support has greatly improved the entire process.

He always seems to know the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement.

He provides us with consultation on what info and direction we should take and has saved us time and money in the process.

He continued his efforts towards improving the team and process all the way through.

He collaborates to increase productivity and improve processes.

He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests during the process.

He's responsible for making him always give his best and keep trying to improve.

John is making best efforts to improve and help the startups.

He knows the right questions to ask at the right time, and has consistently helped improve consultancy solutions.

He is always keen to fine tune and come out with a lot of process improvement in whichever initiative he has taken.

John continues to push the envelope, improve processes, move fast and think smart.

He's great at improving processes to gain efficiency, often by way of technology.

He also proactively contributes to process improvement - reports automation, reducing manual processes.

He never stops learning and all time tries to improve things from code and two processes.

He really helped streamline our process, and improved our communications with our stakeholders.

He's very good at both process improvement and discovery work making him very versatile.

John, unlike many consultants, is willing to get tackle both the design and the execution of process improvements.

While improving processes through social selling and consultative interactions, his character and determination clearly stand out.

John welcomes and improves himself using feedback from others which improves him performances every time.

Throughout this period he drove to improve the maturity of the organisation, through process, people and technology improvements.

His focus is on improving the tools and processes we have within the company to keep us on the cutting edge.

He always looks to find solutions to our problems and finding ways to improve existing processes.

John's solutions centric approach backed by his continuous process improvement initiative.

He did a great job at process improvements and convincing all of their worth.

John is the key player that made this possible and he also contributed with valuable input to process improvements.

John's consultation helped his client through a difficult process with outstanding results.