Process Improvement Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Process Improvement Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

During this process, he came across as extremely professional and made the whole process very smooth.

In one way or another he always manages to get things going while improving his people and himself at the same time.

Always found him willing to lead and help others, with insight, to improve the processes.

John would often take the initiative to suggest improvements in process or equipment.

Not only did the process produces outstanding results, but also helped him understand how to improve his own process himself.

John also manages to make process improvements through fully including everyone that will be affected, an important and often overlooked step.

He excelled at managing people and especially processes, which in turn led to many improvements and company savings.

He managed to build an environment where initiatives and process improvements were strongly encouraged.

He improved the overall screening and tracking process, making our (hiring managers) life very simple.

A strong people manager and collaborator, he constantly takes initiatives to improve processes.

And on the processing side, he manages to actually make the given solution possible at the given time.

He would be an asset for any organization looking to improve their management.

John management and collections likewise improved measurably.

John managed this task well, always incorporating feedback from management on ways to improve the dashboard.

Worked both within his given brief and brought forward really great suggestions on how to improve the processes all of which were spot on and greatly improved the management of the project.

He is one manager who can get best out of anybody since he has such talent to speed up the process and improve the organisation with his innovative & useful ideas.

In addition to managing his role competently, he is always keen to drive through process improvements where appropriate.

He listens to the customer and makes appropriate improvements in process.

He adapted to new approaches and was a significant contributor to improving processes.

He is constantly seeking process improvements and he is a good listener.

John's thought leadership and management made the effort, and subsequent process improvement efforts, extremely successful.

He created and improved processes for efficiently bringing in and managing offshore staff.

John is always at hand to help him through each step of the process.

He almost holds your hand whilst going through all the processes.

He takes process and best practices to heart, and has been one of the main ambassadors to drive process improvements.

He's very process oriented and transparent, which made him an excellent area manager.

He uses vision and purpose to guide his interactions and process management.

His process orientation and client management capability make him a successful manager.

During his internship with him, he always guided him on how things work, especially in managing all the processes.

His knowledge and expertise in process management is second to none.

He is very confident in what he knows and also encourage others to improve life management.

John is also helpful in teaching those he manages how to improve in their positions.

Expect someone who is always keen on improving himself as a people manager.

He believes in the people he manages, and focuses on improvement.

He proposes innovative ideas to his managers in order to improve processes.

John stands out among his peers because he is willing to put forth the effort to improve himself and the tasks/ processes he manages daily.

He came up with ideas to improve processes, tools and at the same time managed the deliveries.

Despite his managing position he's always able to keep things creative in the process.

John's ability to manage the end-to-end creative process is unparalleled.

Constantly strives and drives himself and others towards continual improvement in everything he does and manages.

He independently managed the hiring process, and worked well with the hiring managers.

He managed the process seamlessly and made suggestions which dramatically improved the end product.

He always worked toward finding solutions and improving processes.

In his role with him, he made significant process improvements with how we managed standards and application deployment.

He reviewed, analyzed and improved our account management process.

He isn't a "process for process sake" manager, but takes an analytical view, where appropriate, and takes the necessary actions.

He's the kind of manager that makes you want to be better- he'll poke you when you need to improve and every now and then, pat your back when you win.

But, should he have to move on, any group would be forever improved to have him as a manager.

John's ability to deliver the course improved his outlook on leadership and management.

His thirst for improving himself and his results made him a pleasure to manage.

John, also has done several process improvements in the process which he was managing, enabling greater customer visibility and predictable delivery.

John provided advice in difficult situations, and guided managers in areas of performance improvement processes, discipline procedures, and improved the recruitment process.

His project management process is very strong, but he's also open to considering ways we can improve.

His interest in process improvement and problem solving were evident and would be of value to any organization.

He believes in continuous self improvement process and is dedicated to anything that he commits to.

John brings innovative approaches to improving processes and solving problems.

John also excels in software management, and is continually improving our processes and standards.

Would recommend him to anyone regarding the mortgage process, even just for conversation and next steps in the process.

He manages each process with specificity, yet flexibility and the group learning process inspired everyone.

The process is quite intensive, especially for foreigners like him, and he made the whole thing easy.