Product Design Engineer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Product Design Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He actively reviews the designs with engineering counterparts (like him) and ensure that he has in-depth knowledge about the product and factored-in the same in his designs.

John designed our packaging for our range of water purification products.

He would probe into the product requirements to detail them out as engineering needed.

John would definitely be an asset to any design, advertising or production organization.

His contributions to the design were critical in our ability to ship the product.

He needed a professional to help with the production and design of his books.

He helped design many new products and features in the most professional way.

He understands what he takes to design, create and ship a product from implementing the right designs to getting it done.

He delights in learning new things, and has worked fluently with designers, engineers, and product owners.

His intuitive design solutions have not only delighted learners, but inspires product, engineering and design teams collaborate and build.

He brings essential combinations of right-brained and left-brained points of view to product designs and engineering specifications.

John took the initiative on task planning, design, and product decisions.

He pays attention to all aspects of user interaction with the product he is designing.

John contributed not only his visual and product design skills, but also him engineering capabilities.

Something about his approach always makes him proud to have such a salesperson demonstrate products his product team has designed and built.

John's rare strength is that he balances doing the right thing, engineering-wise, with delivering the right product quickly.

John helped him to understand various products in a way that was clear and understandable to a non-engineer.

His wireframes and product feature flows are clear and concise and well respected by the engineers.

He's a great engineer, but also an extremely insightful and methodical product manger.

Though his position doesn't require him to do product designs, he took his own time and drafted up awesome tools that would definitely be a great addition to the product.

As a result, he enhanced the product designs by making them clearer, more comprehensive and more intuitive.

His thorough and methodical way for designing and solving a tough engineering problem was commendable.

He's an expert at both the technical and design aspects of email production.

He translated requirements into designs which are aesthetic, functional and productive at the same time.

He gave him expert design advice and produced an excellent product.

He did a superb job of organizing engineering and making it productive.

He's got a great head for design and ideation as well as working with engineering teams to actually bring his products out of production situations.

John really takes a product and runs with it - knowing the landscape and coming up with great, innovative designs and product ideas.

He balances beautiful design and thoughtful engineering with the practical requirement to ship a product.

He not only knew the products well, but also had an eye for design - and came up with unique ideas that impressed the end users.

He designs out complexity and creates simple, smart products that "wow" the users.

This enables him to provide a strong vision for designers, artists, and engineers to follow over the course of production.

His approach to the design and the end product, ensures that the client gets an economic well thought out scheme.

His decisiveness and concise designs enabled all aspects of the product rollout to be delivered seamlessly.

He brought excellent visual design and product strategy to the table.

He's been in the trenches for years designing awesome products that millions of people use every day.

He also significantly influenced the mobile goals product with his design inputs.

He also took changes from design and production in stride, maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the game.

Engineers who are encouraged to take on new challenges, make mistakes (learn from them) and grow are happy engineers who have been extremely productive engineers.

He thinks broadly, recommends and designs products that make sense, and follows him products to market, ensuring their success.

His team of illustrators and designers added tremendous value to our ideation and product concepting.

He supported and contributed creativity to the product's design.

The pride he takes in creating great products inspires the engineers, and gives us the vision as well as the specs.

He wants him engineers productive and happy, and will put forth the extra effort to ensure it.

He pushed each of his designers to take risks, while making sure the end product is exactly what the client wanted.