Product Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Product Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His understanding of user behavior and product design make him an incredibly effective designer.

John's instincts for story, design and production have been proven time and time again to make him productions a success.

He is refreshing to work with and is very effective in product design.

John is not someone who would ever build a product just for the sake of design.

He is not a designer, but he knows enough about design that he can speak with them on their level.

He is very thorough in documenting product requirements and design considerations.

He has a great understanding of product and has an excellent strategic thinking on product designing.

His product designs are clean, but more importantly, they are manufacturable.

John was always available and open to questions and discussions regarding product design and functionality.

He uses this knowledge to design products that people actually want to buy.

I was impressed with his deep knowledge of all aspects of product design.

He also worked closely with early design of the new products to ensure design for manufacturability.

John maintains the strength of product design, while staying on schedule.

I worked with him for various product designs and every time found him exceeding the mark.

John led a group of product designers, and fostered an environment where each designer felt like their voice was heard.

To date, he has done a wonderful job with the re-design, creating a framework and guiding the ultimate production of the product.

John looks at product requirements in depth and on more than one occasion brought up valid points to the product and design teams.

He has the ability to make everyone on the team like they have a voice in the products he designs.

Every workshop he set up, every discussion we had together help me learn more to become an excellent product designer.

His product designs, requirements, and user stories were always well thought out and insightful.

On numerous occasions he has also provided me with insightful recommendations for design improvements to both the product design as well as the design of our internal tools that have proved quite beneficial.

John was instrumental in establishing the requirements and the design direction for the product.

I have very much enjoyed working with him in designing product launches that have been great winners.

I had the pleasure to work with him on a large and complex new product design.

He has deep knowledge of product and design principles and walks the talk.

In the end, his design work helped make my product a huge success.

He has proven that is a very practical innovator when it comes to product marketing and product design.

He worked on the design and production of several of the company's publications.

John is an exceptionally talented designer that understands users, technology, design, and 'product'.

His enthusiasm for really getting to the root of design issues and improving product design along with developing new products is certainly a refreshing trait.

When we came to product design, usability and implementation, he always wanted the best and never gave up until he got it.

John's ability to see the trees through the forest allowed regional changes, but not product design.

John's framework directly influenced the product roadmap and design direction of the homepage.

He was a key contributor to several major product designs and proposals.

John would consider all recommendations and implement the best design possible to suit the application and the product.

More recently, he's impressed me with how he's seamlessly taken his design talents in video production.

His work is original and targeted to the audience of the product he is designing for.

John is an expert in questionnaire design, and design and implementation of monitoring frameworks.

These qualities allow him to be extremely flexible and fast with design and production.

He has a great understanding of product design and is very passionate in creating the very best products and experience for users online.

He also provided many creative inputs at design stages which contributed to the final product.

John was proactive and supportive when putting together designs and advice from our product.

He has a strong design instinct and a can-do production attitude that helped us ship many products during our two years together.

He listens actively to understand the user for whom a product is being designed.

I have also used him to design a number of marketing collaterals for the same product.

John juggles a barrage of design needs of marketing and product.

He effectively designed and drove our processes for product release assessment, and rationalizing our product requirements.

He can lead a product from conceptualization, design to deployment.

I received some valuable knowledge in product design because of him.

John is a proven entrepreneur and understands how to make the best impression when it comes to design and product for his clients.

One of him most outstanding achievements was designing and launching a new product offering for our clients.

His ability to identify what the clients need and design a product around his findings is second to none.

John guides people in designing their own fulfilling, productive and meaningful life.

John's leadership has been critical for us in design, production and business.

His ability to keep the designers focused on his vision of the product made it very enjoyable to work with him.

I've had a great honor and joy of working with him, which as a product designer.

He has a keen eye for design and a wealth of knowledge in production.

His ability to translate a company's vision into graphic design products gives him a credibility that few designers deserve.

He is able to provide highly reliable products with good organization and design.

Not only does he deliver a superior product on schedule, but he makes himself available to other disciplines during the design and iteration.