Product Development Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Product Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Also he manages all his products well and gets better results and revenues.
It speaks volumes for him that he's been able to manage the detail-filled role of development manager while simultaneously moving product management requirements and priorities - and urgent, revenue-dependent, new product development.
Personally, he was also a great sounding board for product development & strategic positioning of our products.
He embraces and pursues new approaches to product development and program management.
In addition, he understands the commercial pressures and compromises of product development and combines it well with a passion for the products he manages.
John managed several technology and product development projects him on wireless products.
He managed product delivery from requirements, development and to deploy flawlessly.
It was refreshing to work with someone with such enthusiasm for the products he was developing.
He adds the necessary value to our product development process.
As his manager, he also gave really great feedback throughout the product development process.
John managed to do our work together productively in every possible aspect.
John has not only managed the product development team so well, but he has also been the inspiration for the team.
Communication between artists, production, and development have vastly improved under his management.
He conceptualised new products and liaised with us and other partners to help develop it.
Because of this he has been a key to the entire development effort for the product.
He can be the go-to developer for any product manager, as he is not only a problem solver, but also iterates until he finds the best solution.
He developed a very sound product strategy and built a strong product management team.
Overall, he is a very competent manager with experience in handling very complex product development.
He managed the relationships in the organization very well, protecting his developers so they could be more productive for the company.
In his role as global product manager, he applied that strategy to rationalise the product line-up and initiated several new product development projects.
He came to us with solid expertise in both product management and product marketing and always considered the business aspect of developing new product capabilities.
John not only managed our teams, he also developed software for our product.
He oversaw the development of some tricky product features that enhanced the overall product and his commitment and positive attitude will be missed.
He works well with marketing, development and product managers.
He's also quite capable of managing product development and timelines, and more than anything else, he truly cares about what he's doing.
He took the initiative to kickstart new features by wireframing how they would look in the product, which was helpful to him and other developers.
John does not hesitate to challenge those around him and in so doing ensures the products being developed are better as a result.
In this role he was overall responsible for the products and participated in development and troubleshooting of them.
He also understands his audience, which has ensured that together we have developed a very successful end product.
During his tenure, we saw an increase in profits and developed new products that he helped initiate.
This gives him the ability to tackle complex problems in nearly all aspects of product development.
He consistently developed products that were a pleasure to view and use.
John displays an effective, productive management style and excels in developing synergistic strategies.
He helped to cultivate an environment where developers (and product managers like him) all felt empowered.
He's exceptional as a leader, product manager and developer, and a friend.
He excelled at evaluating consumer needs and matching them both to the existing products and the new product development process.
He definitely has the drive and passion for his work and product development.
Perhaps more impressive is his strategic approach to product management, taking the long view of how to develop and improve the product over time.
He understands the myriad aspects of development and with this understanding he makes a terrific liaison between development and production.
John managed partner integration for the product his team developed.
John knows the developer audience, what is important to them and how to keep them engaged in a product.
He always pushed policies and agendas that made the development of our product lines easier and more manageable.
John did an excellent job in managing the development and series production of numerous machines.
His positive management style developed his employees into a productive team.
John quickly stepped in to help him develop use cases & product requirements.
He can be trusted with new product releases to complex development efforts.
This skill has served him well in identifying opportunities for product alignment as well as new product development.
John as a product manager is attentive to details and always put all his mind and soul into what we were developing.
This really helps him understand the needs of the end user and the product managers.
His approach to product development is meticulous and professional.
Throughout the development he managed his team, and always ready to reply to developers' comments and need very quickly.
As his manager, he encouraged him to not only to pursue his product interest but also professional development interest.
During his tenure at our company, he was responsible for driving nearly all of the major product development cycles for some of the company's flagship products.
He knows what he want to develop from the team and which makes him a different than other managers.
He managed many aspects of the business post-merger, and oversaw product management, marketing, and product development.
His background in product development and management gave him the right foundation for being structured and very organized in his in managing his tasks and assignments.
And latterly he also turned his hand to the full time production management where he managed the development of several first party applications.
His input at all stages of the product development has often been crucial to their successful launch.
He enabled us to move our new product along its development cycle at an accelerated pace.
When he arrived, we had products in different groups and in varying stages of development.