Production Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Production Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He excels in taking ideas and turning them into the intuitive product design.

His designs were excellent and created sellable products for the company.

John established and maintained design as a core value in our product.

John's proficiency in both design and production are a rare match.

His understanding of print and product design is exceptional.

His knowledge of product design and conceptualization was astounding.

He also helped considerably with design and branding of products.

John can easily translate from design to production and implementation.

He's a gifted designer and dedicated to making the best product possible.

His grip on technology, product design and strategy is impressive.

John and his group are masters at signage design and production.

He also designed the user interface for all of the major products we did.

John's strengths stretched beyond designing engaging multimedia products.

He's excellent with product design and is a reliable trend spotter.

He did this through very creative product and content design.

John loves to design beautiful products that people love to use.

In product design and direction meetings he was very open and approachable.

Yes, he did a great job of designing the product and its architecture.

He gets things done quickly, has a great sense of humour and really is an expert in design and production.

He took some very complicated concepts and help design them into a sleek and clean final product.

John's expertise in resonator-based oscillators were invaluable to advancing our product designs.

John has a passion for shoe design which is evident in each luxury product that he showcases.

John handled a number of product design changes, often requested at very short notice.

John designed both hard and soft side ice chests, along with other insulated products.

His designs made a big difference between just good product - to the brilliant one.

In that role he was very instrumental in product definition, design and roll out.

While at the press, he created a wide range of design products.

John's products are extremely well designed, with considerable focus on detail.

He advanced the quality and design of our product beyond expectations.

He understood the products, how they worked, how they were to be used, and made sure everything was working as designed.

He's passionately interested in building great products and able to see design and product issues from multiple angles.

He designs with an awareness of all the touch points that compromise the overall experience of our products.

John designed both of his blogs, and both experiences were extremely positive, productive, and enjoyable.

John pays extreme attention to detail to make sure the finished product is exactly as designed.

He understands the product better than anyone at the company, and has been the primary force shaping its design and evolution.

Whether it is designing a new product feature or leading the creation of a new package design, he has the ability to set his products apart from the competition.

John has a wide range of product knowledge and he applies it on him designs.

His workflow included creative brainstorming, wireframing, design, and production.

He helped bring a down-to-earth product design and manufacturing orientation to our pie-in-the-sky designs.

He's always seeking to understand people and why they do the things they do so he can better understand and fulfill their needs through great product design.

John's passion for product excellence in both design and delivery is evident in everything he does.

And his ideas and designs now serves as the foundation for our key product platform going forward.

John efforts eliminated design flaws before the parts got to the production stage.

He designed to brief, stayed on brand and delivered a great product.

His inputs during the design and architecture phases were key to the success of our products.

He is intellectual, passionate about product and design and always curious and he really enjoys getting into the weeds of a problem.

He is the kind of designer you can give rough sketches to, and he'll come back with a product that is world class.

He took the basic demo design and added and expanded many gameplay elements for the production version.

Taking his big picture insight he helps evolve product design to get it to the ideal end state.

John holds a hallowed place in the small pantheon of bosses who really get product design.

He consistently provides a positive vision, helping to shape, excellent product design.

He exhibited a natural inclination to product and had a great eye for design.

What resulted was a stand out design in a sea of "him to" products.

John helped us rethink and adapt the product designs by including ergonomic criteria.

He demonstrated great vision by designing solutions that could catapult his products well beyond the features of competitive products by expanding their value to consumers.

He knows what works visually and what changes need to be made to make a design, it's very best from the product it will be used for.

His implementation worked with no problems and our company now has that design in production.

The design and content suggestions he contributed to make all the difference to the finished product.

The quality of his products is excellent and the customised designs outstanding.

In addition, he has a strong graphic design capability which shows in the logos and artwork that he specifies on the products he designs.