Professional Engineer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Professional Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John always came across as being very open and professional in his approach.
John has always gone above and beyond conscientious and hard working professional.
John handled it all with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, and he dealt with all of us not only professionally but non-defensively.
John is a consummate professional whom has been very effective while maintaining courtesy and professionalism.
John is having the most important feature that should have each professional engineer - he is result-oriented.
John has demonstrated to be a very professional engineer, hard worker and very dedicated.
John was always very professional in our discussions and one of the few who always follows up timely.
Both times he has gone above and beyond to make sure everything was handled well and professionally.
He knows what needs to be done and gets it done in an articulate and professional way every time.
Not only did he take the time to explain everything, he was also very thorough and professional.
John, was always an outspoken professional who had something right to say at the right time.
John is focused and can do anything he needs to do well, on time and with professionalism.
He doesn't take himself too seriously, but still maintains him professionalism at all times.
He can be counted on to do what he says he'll do, with competence and professionalism.
Beside being very professional he was always available for any question and in any time.
John is the consummate professional who knows how to get things done, and on time.
John was professional and available at all times and nothing was too much trouble.
He was very thorough and professional at all times while being very approachable.
His pedagogical expertise is helping me grow as a professional, and as an engineer.
John is extremely professional and has an amazing approach to people - very professional and friendly.
He is very responsible and professional engineer with very appropriate working attitude.
John's professional actions during these times were those of a true leader and of an engineering professional that just gets it.
I always recalled his advice to me about how to become a successful professional - be adaptive to changes and be professional under pressure.
John was an absolute professional from the very first contact and his proactive and professional approach has been consistent ever since.
I look forward to tracking his professional endeavors and hope for an opportunity to renew our professional collaboration.
A focused professional with the strength to take his professional targets to success with an outstanding efficiency.
John is proven, professional, friendly, humorous, and he will conduct any endeavor in the most professional manner.
I witnessed his professional growth over the four years and he has matured as a professional and academician.
His professionalism and genuine character keep him on the top of companies' and professionals' contact list.
He's a true professional with a commitment and desire to help professionals with their success.
John to be very professional and forthright during the course of the negotiations.
Broad experience from his engineering background and his professional selling ability.
John epitomizes the professionalism, character, and leadership that enables any engineering organization.
John as an excellent professional engineer and recognize him as an asset to any organization.
John brings a combination of talents not normally found within engineering professionals.
He took initiative to get things done, was always helping me get through the mountain of things we had to do, and was very professional.
Not only is he a professional, but he gives something of himself in everything he does which to me is what sets him apart from the rest.
He is sincere and trustworthy and always follows through on what he says he'll do, and that is refreshingly professional.
He is the type of individual who is always looking out for his colleagues and trying to make them better professionals.
We have always found him to be very professional and he always ensures that what has been asked of him is completed.
John never failed to be anything other than entirely professional and helpful in everything we did in collaboration.
I couldn't believe his kindness and willingness to help others, along with his professionalism is truly commendable.
John was always willing to try new things, duties and responsibilities and took them all on as a professional.
He is well respected for his professional approach, and will always go out of his way to help him colleagues.
We could not have got this far without his professionalism, insights and his determination to help us succeed.
John is the utmost professional and consistently follows through on the things he says he will do in his role.
Him professionalism comes through as well as him intuitiveness when he guides others toward their passions.
Not only did he make me feel welcome, but he was professional, thoughtful and had clearly done his homework.
John is very articulate, professional, friendly and always willing to be as much help to us as he can be.
He is grace under pressure and there is nothing that he cannot and does not handle with professionalism.
He is very responsive, professional and puts all of himself into everything he does for me and my firm.
He knows what professionals want to see on your resume and even goes beyond that so you really stand out.
He has always been the consummate professional in the workplace, and always knows the right thing to say.
John can be characterized as one of the professionals that can tell what the problem is only by looking.
John has always been very professional in all aspects and overall, we are very happy with the results.
John is excellent at connecting with others and does everything with both enthusiasm and professionalism.
His style is professional, but empathetic and he gets to know who you are and gets the best out of you.
He was always very professional and willing to take on new challenges with the results always positive.
John is an excellent and committed professional which is always available to help in any situation.
John has always been very professional and efficient in what he does, even in difficult situations.