Professional Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Professional Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

You can trust him to get the work done with skill and professionalism.
John is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable professional.
His skills are almost legendary amongst creative professionals.
He possesses the skills of professionalism, accuracy, understanding and leadership that are to be respected, as these are not skills taught but instilled.
John is highly skilled quality engineer and business analyst professional, he's always sharpening his skills and keep updated.
His interpersonal skills and way of addressing guest concerns, as well as his problem-solving skills are highly professional.
He displayed good leadership skills and excellent trial skills, but most of all he was the ultimate professional.
Two things always of his traits have always stood out to him-his professionalism and organizational skills.
Since then he has picked up many more professional skills to be successful at his job.
A thorough, professional whether it concerns his teaching or at his leadership skills.
He excels with his people skills and comes across as professional and approachable.
His leadership and presentation skills were very professional and quite effective.
Clearly, these skills are transferable into other aspects of his professional life.
John's professional copywriting skills really bring something else to the table.
He also has great presentation skills that are very intriguing and professional.
His professional skills aside, it's something that keeps drawing people to him.
His organizational skills and professionalism were always to utmost perfection.
In short, would say he has the right blend of people skills and professionalism.
Bringing his professional skills to the job made everything run smoothly.
It is a much more professional presentation of his skills and background.
John's people skills made him very popular within our professional world.
John speaks very highly of his professionalism and amazing skills.
In addition, he always demonstrates professional and leadership skills.
His approach, professionalism and people skills have been invaluable.
He is a thorough professional and also an expert in life skills.
Great employee, always tried to learn everything to become better at his professional skills.
He has good leadership skills, analytical skills, and has an extremely professional approach to everything he does.
A very dependable, professional who is multi-skilled and always there for you when you need him.
His interpersonal skills, professionalism and an ability to get things done are the cornerstones of his success.
Great collage, both for his professional skills and his sensibility and ability to get on well with everyone.
He truly enjoys what he does and it shows by his enthusiasm and his exceptional skills and professionalism.
Therefore his anticipation skills are excellent and his professionalism and enthusiasm is clearly visible.
As well as being approachable and sociable, him professionalism and managerial skills are second to none.
His professionalism and leadership skills are exemplary and is very well respected by his colleagues.
John's leadership and collaboration skills set him apart from other professionals in his capacity.
And not only for his professional skills, but also for his kind heart and his sincere laughter.
John's professional skills are most perfectly endorsed by the testimonies from one and all.
When you get to connect with him, you'll discover an amazing professional with unique skills.
He really deserves his recommendation for anyone who needs a such highly skilled professional.
Johns' interpersonal skills are excellent he gives new definition to the word professional.
Him skills, professionalism, and friendly correspondence have always been highly appreciated.
A professional with passion, with what he does, not to mention exceptional follow up skills.
His professionalism and dedication is outpaced only by his charismatic leadership skills.
Him professional / technical skills are considered unparalleled within his profession.
His adaptability skills make him stand out from the crowd in the best professional way.
In addition to his excellent skills, he is supremely professional and always pleasant.
He marries the skill of being lighthearted whilst remaining the ultimate professional.
His professionalism and dynamic interpersonal skills are just the tip of the iceberg.
His effective leadership skills add even more to his overall professional character.
He's dedicated, professional and has the rare skill to listen to what you are saying.
He also is an expert in leadership with an emphasis on highly skilled professionals.
John conducts himself professionally and possesses very good interpersonal skills.
In addition to his professional skills he is an excellent speaker at the toastmaster.
John's enthusiasm and experienced professional skills show in everything he touches.
He is highly skilled, proactive, articulate and above all, a thorough professional.
Add this to his professional selling skills and you have a sure formula for success.
Being both professional and skilled makes him an absolute pleasure to partner with.
A great professional not only by his good skills, but regarding his dedication also.
John is a dedicated individual whose skills and professionalism are above reproach.
With his passion and skill-set he is poised to take on any professional endeavor.
Apart from the excellent professional skills in his own domain, he exhibited good leadership skills too.
A skill he has put to good use and a skill that continues to bring him professional success.
He's a professional with excellent thought leadership skills as well as analytical skills.
He knows what he wants and has the skill to implement this professionally in any given situation.
John has been already an established and proven professional and was attending to add to his professional skills.
If it's ever possible - see to that his skill will come close to both your professional and private life.
We know for sure that you get the very best from him in terms of professionalism, skills and knowledge.
It has also been amongst his best experiences as he is professional and has excellent people skills.
Thoroughly professional he is always on top of his brief and has excellent presentation skills.
As well as his professional skills, he is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.
All his interactions with him have been handled with professionalism and great skill.
He has very strong organizational and people skills, and he is very professional.
We went on multiple presentations and without fail he was skilled and professional.
Someone who has the dedication, knowledge and skills that make him professionals.
His professionalism, skill and motivation would be welcomed at any company.
It is hard to imagine himself professionally without his skills by his side.
His people skills always impressed him as was his professional attitude.
John is passionate professional, with an extraordinary people's skill.
We've worked together and his professional skills are praiseworthy.
His professional skill in complex negotiations was unparalleled.
He provides great experiences for them and gives them the opportunity to enhance their academic skills with professional skills.
He combines strong professional skills, abilities and expertise with strong relational skill.
He is highly motivated, dynamic, multi-skilled professional and have great communication skill.
John's professionalism, sincerity and skills have set him apart in his dealings with recruitment professionals.
His core skills were an excellent communication, very professional manners, integrity and professionalism.
He is always very professional, kind and easy to work with, and his professional skills are top notch.
Zeal to learn new things always helps him to improve his skills and makes him better professional.
He does every job willingly and professionally and is always looking to improve his skills.
He is a very skilled professional when it comes to getting more traffic to websites.
Apart from his professional skills, he is very humane which everyone likes in him.
Fantastic human being and that's the skill he is drawn into his professional space.
He does know how to match professional skills and humanity in what he does.
He put his professionalism and skills to help others to reach their goals.
A true professional - he knows his stuff, but his skill is in the delivery
His professional skills are improved thanks to his outstanding learning.
Great, professional, outstanding in his job and extremely skilled.
John's professional experience speaks volumes about his skills.
John is very professional, has excellent interpersonal skills and really helped him fine tune his interviewing skills.
Besides professional skills he has very well developed social skills.
His people skills and professional credentials are impressive.
His coding skills are excellent and very professional specially the logic building skills.
He is an incredibly professional, with such a breadth of skills, it often seems there is nothing that he cannot do.
He made the rest of us look like amateurs with his professionalism and skill in every aspect of the position.
He is helpful in any way that he can and besides his professional skills, he also makes a friendly colleague.
John is highly skilled and is very well respected by everyone who he has had professional contact with him.
His professionalism and skills made our collaboration always fruitful and successful for both our companies.
The thing which really impressed him that he uses his skills in problem solving very promptly & professionally.
He jumped in with the skill, professionalism, and great attitude that we soon found to be his trademark.
John is one of those rare professional who has got the right mixture of ownership and management skills.
With the huge experience, he has, his skills and professionalism are are just adding to his character.
He has got strong interpersonal skills, which will definitely take him high in his professional life.
Responsive, professional and skilled - and he gets things done on our tight timelines with a smile.
He has many recommendations highlighting his professional skills and experience, which are enviable.
John has been this profession thanks to its strong organizational and forward-thinking skills.
During last two years he has significantly improved all his professional capabilities and skills.
His professional expertise can be highlighted with skills such as being an empathetic listener.
His listening skills and understanding of his professional needs are exceeding his expectations.
His professionalism, organizational skills, and ability to keep everyone on task is unmatched.
His skills in leadership, collaboration and professionalism make him an asset to any company.
He would be an asset to any organization that gains him leadership and professional skills.
During that time, he repeatedly impressed him with his skills, professionalism, and demeanor.
He's given him many opportunities to grow professionally, and to hone his leadership skills.
His strong experience will enhance your skills not just professionally, but also in life.
John is a real professional and extremely thorough in his interviewing/vetting skills.
From his pleasant disposition to him professional skill sets, you won't be disappointed.
This skill is something that will make him a fantastic success in his professional life.
Means existing position will further refine his professional and interpersonal skills.
John organization would be fortunate to have his attitude, skill set and professionalism.
Veal is ambitious, he takes any opportunity possible to update his skills professionally.
Regarding his skills as a sales/business professional, his passion has been often contagious.
Apart from his organizing skills, which are noteworthy, he has a professional demeanor.
John gave him opportunities to advance his professional skills beyond all expectations.
Every company looking for a highly skilled professional will want to have him on board.
John's ethics and professionalism makes candidates feel confident of their skills.
He adds to that with his leadership skills, dedication, and excellent professionalism.
His skills are excellent and he always maintains the highest professional standards.
Him communications and follow-up skills are very prompt and professional and on mark.
He improved their skills and professionalism and helped them achieve better results.
Him skills, intelligence, professionality and determination can make the difference.
He is very professional and he has helped him find some very difficult skill sets.
He is extremely professional, has great follow up skills, and is always prepared.
He impressed with his professional skills to always keep the big picture in mind.
His professionalism is a transferable skill which would add value to any endeavor.
His professional skills are well honed and he knows how to put them to good use.
He uses his great smarts and professional skills to improve anything around him.
His guidance and expertise truly helped him to hone his own skills professionally.
His demeanor is what you would expect from a seasoned and skilled professional.
He always remained up to the level of desired professional attitude and skills.
John, aside from being a skilled professional, is a very dedicated colleague.
Sales professionals with his skills, passion and tenacity are one in a million.