Programming Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Programming Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is strong in programming skills and can always find the right way to solve the problem.
Because of this, he was able to walk away from the program with an immense skill set.
He is one of those guys who picked up programming skills at earlier in our class.
John has produced a powerful program that elevates the skill set of anyone who partakes of his programs.
John is well versed in several different programming languages and programming styles.
I know, he taught me windows programming skills which are very much useful for me in my carrier.
Word about him skill got around and our program was booked solid each time we had him in.
He was well known for his overall programming skills and ability to work above his position.
John's knowledge as well as his leadership skills was clearly evident during the program.
Always enthusiastic about his work, he is very skilled in framework programming.
John has superior interpersonal skills and displays good leadership skills when involved in group programs.
He also navigated the program very skillfully through several organizational changes and made sure that each participant got the most out of this program.
One of his many strengths that became obvious throughout our program was his grasp of presentation skills.
His unmatched programming skill always provided the best solutions to our assignments in the course.
His advanced program analysis skills were superior to that of many of his colleagues, which made him highly sought after for many people in our program.
His attention to deadlines and dedication to the program were what help keep the program moving forward.
Under his leadership this program has become a model for such other programs throughout the country.
I would strongly recommend his programs for anyone that is currently looking to retool or is looking to add more skills to their toolbox.
He taught himself programming skills not required by his position, but which certainly enhanced his effectiveness.
He takes the leadership role seriously and applies his skills to get the program done.
John has great programming skills and understands the meaning of a deadline.
The breadth and depth of his skills provided steadfast contributions to assigned programs along with pivotal guidance with programs not directly assigned.
He is passionate about learning and expanding his skill set both inside and outside of the program.
His skills in programming and user interface are well above average to say the least.
His passion, leadership skills as well as drive to better the programs he has overseen was unforgettable.
John has interviewed me twice for his television program and each time was insightful and skilled.
Him the ability to pick up new programming skills and languages was very impressive.
His program challenged us to think differently than we had before and the program materials were inspirational.
I look forward to working with him again - him presence and skill are a welcome addition to any program.
He recently attended our three-day intensive negotiation skills program to hone his skills and completed the program with flying colors.
He has not only been an asset to his own programs, but has never stepped back from contributing to other departments and programs.
He has an exceptional presentation skills and him leadership helped many teammates throughout the program.
John's people and organization skills were critical to the success of the program.
John commands strong leadership skills and interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills, allowing him to cultivate every aspect of the program, as well as contributors, with the greatest of ease.
The passion and dedication he shows to the program and students of the program is fantastic.
John is very skilled at coming up with ideas that help our program be top notch and value add to the participants.
John has excellent programming skills, he is ready for ever coming challenges and deals with them successfully.
His main abilities are responsible, benevolence, initiative and of course perfect programming skills.
He was more than capable with solving unique programming situations that required his skills to resolve.
He made recommendations on certification programs to reinforce my existing skills, and acquire new ones.
His problem solving skills were sought after to troubleshoot existing programs and make corrections.
He has a great range of skills which include rigging, simulations, and programming.
He has excellent programming skills and is a valuable asset for any company.
He showed exceptional skills in structuring the classes and program so that we could more effectively evaluate the students and the program.
His advanced programing skills are complemented by his artistic sensibility.
The skills he covers in his program are life skills and not just job-specific which make the learner eager to come and to stay in the classes.
John is an outstanding colleague with unmatched program leadership skills and experience.
His strengths are quickly learning, adaptability and strong programming skills.
He customizes his program to focus on his audience's skill set and skill level.
With all of this "programmed skill set, " he still has the flexibility to make changes and direction when it is the best interest of those involved.
Through his superb collaborative approach and listening skill, he makes things enjoyable for other members of the program.
His responsibility, initiative and self organization make a great addition to his programming skills.
He is always tinkering with the latest technologies and has great all-round programming skills.
John is particularly skilled in this application and tailors his approach and programs truly to individual needs.
John's programming skills are equally matched by his enthusiasm, wit, and intelligence.
His workshops & programs are interactive, emphasize practical skills and expand participants' skill levels.
John's passion, skill, and creativity have been a tremendous gift to our program.
Relying on his strong programming skills, he can switch to different systems very quickly.
John took ownership of our program, and has provided great insight and cooperation in moving our program forward.
John has fixed "problems", installed new programs, taught me new programs, plus so much more.