Project Management LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Project Management Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He knows what he is doing and will always look for the best solution when given a project to manage.
He managed all projects professionally, regardless the scale or the feature sets of the project.
John is a focused, driven and experienced project manager that can manage large multi-scaled projects with ease.
Also, we had projected for our management class and he was always finishing up everything before deadlines.
He always seemed to be someone who got things done and managed to tackle difficult projects with aplomb.
He was self-driven and often came up with initiatives that added value to the projects that he managed.
John always followed up on commitments and managed expectations when it came to project deliverables.
I have always been very confident that the projects he manages or is involved in, will be successful.
At one point we thought he was not going to be managing our projects any more and we were devastated.
He is capable and can manage own projects very well, and has the potential for more responsibility.
He always had several projects that he had initiated and managed and always with stellar results.
His follow-through on projects is impeccable, and really keeps me and other managers on our toes.
He was open to suggestions and used those which were beneficial to the projects he managed.
He goes above and beyond to ensure projects are thought through and managed efficiently.
He has the capability to manage projects on his own, with almost negligible supervision.
He was responsible for many concurrent projects, and managed them all very effectively.
He manages to get his ideas across and makes sure to complete the projects he starts.
He strives for excellence, managing projects until they are seen through to completion.
John is always curious, thoughtful and holistic in the way he manages his projects.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for an energetic and dedicated project manager.
He is not only very clever, but also very responsive and an excellent project manager.
Without his input the project would have been considerably more difficult to manage.
He can manage several projects concurrently and see them to successful completion.
John has earned his way into project management through consistent successes.
His participative management approach has been loved by everyone in the project.
All the projects under his management were running smoothly without problems.
The most challenging projects were delivered under his confident management.
John was a thorough and dedicated project manager and was very passionate about his role and the relationships he managed.
John is a manager who is able to manage multiple projects well always displaying grace under pressure.
He is a diligent manager that likes to cover all his bases on the projects that he manages.
Him ability to manage complexity and deliver results makes him excellent project management.
His ability to manage projects caught the attention of upper management quite frequently.
He creates other managers and inspires growth rather than simply managing a project.
John is a seasoned project manager who will give you the inconvenient truth about your project, but also the right solution.
John has a wealth of knowledge in management, both when it comes to managing people effectively as well managing projects.
He is organized and has the ability to manage various projects with different deadlines.
John is very meticulous whether it comes to his writing and editing or managing projects.
He is always up to the task & excellent when it comes to managing extensive projects.
He has delivered and managed several projects of mine competently and effectively.
He's up for any challenge and can be left to do any task or manage any project.
He will help you to break down the overwhelming projects into manageable tasks.
I have seen him successfully manage multiple individuals who were managing many different tasks on different complex projects.
John has also become very comfortable managing multiple projects and managing his task due dates with minimal input from management.
He was clearly over-qualified for his position, but he always devoted himself completely to all of the projects he managed.
I am happy to say without his leadership and management the projects probably would not have been as successful as they were.
He has been a very good project manager, always making sure we do the right things and do it right, that we deliver what we have to.
John managed two very different projects for me, both of which were very difficult and complex in their unique ways.
We have thrown some very complex projects him way to manage, and have been more than impressed at the results.
John came in and was quickly up to speed and effectively managed the projects which became his responsibility.
Him ability to ask all the right questions and to manage multiple projects has always been quite impressive.
He's thorough and provides extra value by going beyond typical project management duties where appropriate.
He will not step away from a project until it's complete, but always manages to help others along the way.
I would highly recommend his book to all project managers, and have done so already to several colleagues.
He is fully capable of managing several different projects at once and making sure everything is perfect.
He always managed to ask the right questions and was able to keep him projects moving forward smoothly.
Above all he is an effective manager who will see a project right through from inception to completion.
And while project managing he is the type that knows his priorities and makes sure deadlines are met.
John is an exceptional project manager who gets results even under the toughest of circumstances.
Technical projects under his supervision are carefully managed and delivered with near flawlessness.
He is exceptional at project management and could always be counted on for accuracy and timeliness.