Project Management Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Project Management Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

However, he was his part time project manager updating his projects on the regular basis and keeping him updated with the project status.
His contributions as project manager and consultant were extremely valuable and of very high standards.
If you are looking for a project manager or senior consultant, he is probably the best choice.
The dynamic the he brings to his project teams is a project manager's dream.
His knowledge and background in consultancy was invaluable throughout the course of his project.
His consultation on the project was strategic, out of the box, and tailored.
John and himself have worked together on a number of consulting projects.
He can see when all is going in the right direction and there is no need to micro-manage given project.
Not only that, he effectively manages and drives the projects to completion.
We collaborated directly on client projects that he directly managed.
He very reliable and he manages to accomplish many complex projects.
He keeps a positive - can-do attitude with any project he manages.
His project management was honest, straightforward and reliable.
He also managed the politics of difficult projects very capably.
He managed to keep all of our projects on strategy and on time.
His way of managing project has always been casual, but direct.
His projects were well managed and direction was always clear.
He managed both roles very well, balancing project management responsibilities with tactical ones.
John is always looking to optimize and improve the projects he manages.
His consulting skills and project management abilities have been strong.
John provided instruction for project management certification.
His role involved providing consultancy to project/program managers on project management and quality.
Both projects prepared him well for his current career in consulting.
While a highly capable project manager, keeping projects on track and managing complicated budgets, he is an equally a conscientious test manager and consultant.
John's consulting assignments were primarily projected and program management engagements.
John is the glue that brought the various departments together within the project he was managing.
John knows what he wants and is able to manage many different projects whatever the goal is.
His reputation for project management and getting the best out of people went before him.
He managed projects for over six departments in various capacities over the years.
He effectively managed multiple projects for him within the department.
John understands project management and partners well in this capacity.
He's an immensely capable manager, not just on projects, but of people.
He manages people, as well as projects, efficiently and effectively.
John clearly outlines the goals of the project and manages to them.
John manages projects and people with distinction and nimbleness.
John is a manager who always keeps project goals in its mind.
The project management profession needs more people like him.
John provided expert consulting in the area of complaint management.
John meets all of the requirements of a consultant to management.
John quickly followed up on that connection and we've recently completed an initial app and consulting project.
John uses good project management principles on the product projects we have in common.
As a project manager, you truly appreciate someone that does not need much management, because he always grasped any concept and did it well, sometimes better than we planned.
When we worked together, he managed three consultants from his firm.
John is an extremely dependable and reliable project manager.
He supports his consultants through the whole project-lifecycle.
John for some time as we share common interests with regard to project management consultancy and trainings.
You can be sure him spreadsheet projections will be dead on, sometimes despite what other managers in the company think will happen.
John commitment and interest in the project management profession is something that everybody must follow.
Many of the projects he managed were visible to multiple stakeholders, both inside and outside the company.
He always seems to know how to search for answers while managing a project to its completion.
As our project manager, he provided quick and complete answers to all our questions.
His dedication and sense of responsibility makes him the perfect project manager.
John's effort, dedication, and management are the reasons why projects succeed.
One of his biggest strengths is project management, in addition to prioritizing.
John has incredible patience with equal follow through on projects he manages.
He showed initiative and determination in managing this often complex project.
The group he managed always participated in his projects without any problems.
Marketwire is fortunate to have him as a project manager as any company would.
John shows great initiative and commitment in the way he manages projects.
John delivered consistently strong results on the projects he managed.