Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

I have reviewed his projects and it clearly reflects the adherence to key project management fundamentals.
John was a hands on project manager who ensured that the project achieved its goals.
Even though he was managing multiple projects, he always seemed to have a thorough command of the details of my project top of mind.
John brings this experience with him in his project management capacity, which has seen him deliver many successful projects.
He was very detail oriented with him project management and kept projects moving along smoothly and effectively.
He has a big experience in project management and he has always yielded the right results in his projects.
John is also a strong project manager; it always felt as if he owned every detail in his projects.
In addition to his editing duties, he performed as an ideal project manager for this project.
What distinguished him from other project managers is his efficiency in tracking and monitoring projects to successful closure.
John's drive and leadership ability ensured the success of several projects even when the project manager was absent.
John understands how to break down a project into manageable pieces so that the project can be completed timely.
John is a great project manager who consistently keeps track of the project and ensures that it delivers on time.
I am pleased to recommend him for this kind of demanding projects that require strong project management.
John is talented in managing projects and is very collaborative in his approach when tackling a project.
John's project manages contribution also ensured my projects stayed on time and on budget.
As a project manager, he was instrumental in timely completion of complex projects.
He has a very strategic approach to project management, which results in the success of all projects.
He is a project manager that can manage complex projects to deliver quality on time.
John has shown responsiveness for the projects he is responsible for from people management to enablement projects.
John is proficient at simultaneously managing the people and project evenly to navigate project success.
John has a great eye for detail in every project, and yet he is still able to manage several projects at the same time.
He managed many projects at that time and was able to handle all the projects with great detail.
John is well organized, detail oriented in the project management of a global project.
John is a dynamic project manager who attention to detail and project steering ability has kept even the more challenging projects on the course and ensured deadlines are met.
John is also one who loved having several projects going on at one time-not only did he appreciate this he was able to manage each project and meet the deadlines with no difficulties.
He is an excellent project manager and always follows through with each step of a project to make sure it reaches a successful outcome.
He is a very dedicated and conscientious project manager, able to understand the roles and needs of all involved in the project.
John is an exceptional project manager, laser focused on tackling projects from conception through to successful completion.
John has successfully led a number of other projects within the company as well, and is well regarded as a project manager.
He is a very solid project manager who grasps the situation very well and is able to then guide the project appropriately.
John has a knack for managing projects from start to finish as well as mapping out his strategies for each project.
He served as project manager in a project with many ambitious stake holders but kept his cool all the way thru.
I find he brings his entire project management toolbox to the table for every project to ensure its success.
John is an excellent project manager that can easily adapt to changing requirements and project conditions.
He was brought to manage a portion of a project on short notice and after the project was well underway.
John is a seasoned project manager and is capable of delivering any medium to large scale projects.
He is an excellent project manager with years of experience and can provide insight into any project.
He is great at managing projects and knows how push people or dial back when necessary to make sure that projects get completed on time.
John was our project manager for several complex projects, as well as a member of the team for some.
He has an unlimited capacity to manage multiple projects and project teams at one time.
He also has deep experience in project management and this helps him to understand if projects are going well and helps to keep them on track.
John is a very detail-oriented project manager who was always intimately involved and on-top of all his projects.
John is also a great project manager who can handle the most complicated, detailed project with ease.
He has been involved in a number of projects and gained extensive experience in project management.
John is tenacious but don't we all want that from a project manager on major projects - he is not afraid to take ownership & keep others in line.
John is able to manage projects in different environments and can overcome obstacles to achieve agreed project objectives.
He has successfully managed several projects and has brought projects in on time, under budget and with no major obstacles.
I am also amazed with his ability to manage few critical projects at the same time and successfully launch the projects.
John is a very focused project manager who will make sure your project gets delivered on-time, to budget and to spec.
His expertise in project management enables him to confidently guide his clients and their projects towards success.
He manages to put timelines for projects in proper perspective which results in on-time and on-target projects.
John is a highly dependable project manager who can deliver projects successfully even under extreme pressure.
His project management is clear, precise and direct, and the projects he is involved with run like clockwork.
As a project manager whatever projects he handled had been completed in stipulated time within budget.
He project managed this complex project to a very high level of specification.
He approaches project logically and has a great handle on the "art" of project management.
Him management of projects is competent, diligent and thorough both at the outset and throughout the entire project life cycle.
John's ability to think through complicated projects and create an environment of collaboration was key to the success of the projects he managed.
John is great at coming up with initial ideas, finding the right people for projects, and managing those projects through to completion.
He has an incredible ability to balance the needs and goals of an entire portfolio of projects and project managers.