Public Speaking LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Public Speaking Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is very energetic, outgoing and interscholastic when he speaks in public.
After listening to him speak, my own public speaking improved beyond measure.
John provides expert advice on public speaking, suitable for both beginners and more advanced public speakers.
John has really helped me get outside of my comfort zones and really get into public speaking.
Having done some public speaking myself, it was difficult to disagree with any of his points.
John's public speaking ability and his passion comes out in everything he does.
John has a passion for all that he does and it's evident in his public speaking.
John help me to have the courage to soar and speak with confidence in public.
John is one of those few, and when comes to public speaking he is my source of inspiration.
He consistently delivers top notch courses on public speaking to members of the public.
He has the good fortune to enjoy speaking in public and this is evident every time he speaks.
Combined with his professional attitude towards public speaking, it is clear he thrives in a public speaking environment.
Whether you're a beginner or have been public speaking for a while now, you can most certainly take something away from his classes.
John is very sensitive to the needs of the public and will speak plainly and clearly about how to address those needs.
Although he is new to public speaking, it's his authenticity that shines through and makes you want to listen to him.
John has certainly found his stride in entrepreneurship, public speaking and has made a name for himself globally.
This is what's so mesmerizing about his public speaking, because you can't fake that type of emotion.
His pointers and examples were invaluable to me, especially since public speaking isn't my strength.
He is very experienced in many aspects of sustainability and very confident in public speaking.
He has given me the confidence to speak in public without having to “hide behind a podium”.
He has wonderful public-speaking abilities and has the right touch for each and every occasion.
His public speaking is exceptional, often getting to the heart of the matter very quickly.
We have seen him share in public speaking and he connects to the audience effortlessly.
Speaking of masterful articulation, he has no rival when it comes to public speaking.
John is passionate about public speaking and helping others to be equally passionate.
He will help you conquer your fears and understand all aspects of public speaking.
I've seen him mentor new speakers out of their nervousness about public speaking.
John is an awesome public speaker who inspires his audience whenever he speaks.
John is currently mentoring me in public speaking and came highly recommended.
He has taught me how to get rid of my biggest fear which was public speaking.
I was lucky enough to start my public speaking journey under his mentorship.
He is very passionate about public speaking and whenever he speaks, there is a particular charm to it; he can mesmerize any audience.
John has no problem with public speaking, he is eloquent, engaging and to the point.
Johns public speaking is second to none, motivated, honest and thought provoking.
His passion in public speaking is unstoppable and his guidance is very impressive.
I cannot recommend him highly enough for any type of public speaking engagement.
Google him, you'll find his videos and you'll see how strong he is in public speaking.
John is an excellent public speaker, who gives you encouragement and totally builds your confidence for speaking in public.
For example, he sent me to a public speaking course and then had me give presentations at two conferences.
He clearly expressed him goals regarding public speaking and his readiness to take action.
John helped me get over my fear of public speaking after my second presentation with him.
He will captivate an audience with his presentation and public speaking abilities.
I have enjoyed listening to his speeches and his enthusiasm for public speaking.
He gave me some very useful hints and tips on presenting and speaking in public.
His public speaking touches people that couldn't be reached by any other means.
He easily interacts with and engages those around him as he is very comfortable speaking in public.
John speaks his mind clearly and directly, in one-on-one conversations as well as when addressing a public audience.
If you're really serious about mastering public speaking, you can't afford to not try at least him introductory class.
His public speaking is founded on his commitment to helping others and what he has achieved is truly inspirational.
This made his public speaking a bonus when he could show us exactly what was happening and why it was happening.
From the start of his public speaking, he has shown excellence and has always endeavored to do his best.
I had the privilege of being on a panel with him recently and much admired his public speaking style.
Him public speaking classes became the highlight of the week, to be looked forward to and enjoyed.
Whether it be treading the boards, public speaking, he can guide and nature you to better things.
John does not downplay the element of fear and anxiety that can be involved in public speaking.
John handles himself very well in a public speaking setting and keeps his audience captivated.
Him public speaking style reaches out to the audience and involves them in the narrative.
He taught me how to clearly speak my mind and how to be comfortable in a public setting.
I have no qualms in inviting him again to any public speaking sessions in future forums.
I highly recommend him as a public speaker, but also as someone who speaks from the heart.