Qa Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Qa Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's clients can be assured that they are hiring one of the best our industry.
John would make an outstanding addition to any company that is serious about quality and obtaining the best in the industry.
Those are rare qualities in our industry, and in his honest opinion, the ones that make the difference.
His understanding of the industry and passion for quality have kept him coming back for more.
A sadly rare quality in this industry for someone as accomplished as he, even back then.
He knew his industry inside out and recognised, and also rewarded, quality journalism.
His dedication to quality and performance sets him apart from many in our industry.
He knows who the best and most sustainable printers are in the industry, and he doesn't settle for anything less than great quality.
The quality of him work is excellent and has become an industry standard.
He understands his industry and he understands people, which are two qualities that should not be overlooked.
Additional qualities: resilience, positive, proactive, always on the cutting edge for him industry.
This highlights his ability to spot the qualities required to be successful in this industry.
His commitment to quality is impressive and has made him a trusted expert in our industry.
Together, these qualities give him a unique and valuable perspective on the industry.
These qualities among many others, would make him a great asset to many industries and organizations.
His insights and reviews are top quality and he is indeed an asset to this industry.
This quality alone puts him at the forefront of the recruitment industry.
Another quality you will admire in this man is his integrity; which is very rare in his industry.
His insight and knowledge of the industry is clearly top quality and very progressive.
His industry knowledge and commitment to delivering quality are exceptional.
While his in depth knowledge of the catalog industry was quite extensive, the qualities he possesses would translate effectively to any industry.
He follows the printing industry with an eye toward innovation, quality and results.
His qualities & experience will bring added value to his industry & organization.
John established himself in the class as an industrious and no-nonsense student who gave nothing but the best of his qualities.
John's qualities are extremely desirable and would be an asset to any company and/or industry.
His dedication, maturity, and natural born leadership qualities are rare in this industry.
His ethics and willingness to go the extra mile is a quality rarely found in his industry.
He embodies the proactive qualities sorely needed in a reactive industry.
His work is of excellent quality and he follows industry best-practices.
His attention to detail and quality is the reason why he is such a success in the industry.
His accomplishments in the staffing industry are a testimony to these inherent qualities.
He's prompt, smart (knows his industry well), and an all around quality guy.
His enthusiasm to learn, in his mind, is a rare quality in this industry.
John gives you what you need and ultimately want; quality and professionalism which is too rare in this industry.
His leadership, professionalism and friendship are qualities that are hard to come by in any industry.
John's diligence and professionalism are qualities appreciated in any role and industry.
He makes an effort to understand the industry and its impact quality would make, thereby reducing the distance between outside and inside of an organization.
Knowledgeable, consistent and reliable are just a few of the qualities that allow him to quite comfortably refer to him as an industry expert.
He exhibited the leadership qualities that were necessary for his success during the very difficult times in the airline industry.
Dedication and perseverance are two qualities people need to succeed in the workforce industry and he has them both.
Such qualities are, in his opinion, exceptionally important in this industry and rare these days.
These are certainly the qualities that will lead the way into a new golden age for his industry.
John understands the demands of the logistics industry and provides quality candidates.
Besides all of those qualities, he is actually extremely knowledgeable about the global telecom industry.
John went out of his way to keep the entire company up to date on new and emerging trends in quality assurance in the software industry.
He comes from a background replete with handling quality assurance activities in the software industry.
John demonstrated a thorough approach to quality assurance and an extensive knowledge of the game industry.
The quality of his centers and his entire team are well known throughout our industry.
His success is assured as his work ethic and morals are tops in the industry.
He combines passion, sensibility, and quality to everything he is involved with, no matter the industry, subject or conversation.
His attention to detail and the contacts he has in the industry are top-quality and made our conversion a success.
It shows in the quality of clients he works with from so many diverse industries.
His work quality and industry knowledge are extremely impressive.
One of him best qualities is his eagerness to contribute to the team - not only to help us out, but also to learn as much as he can about the industry.
He knows his industry, makes smart decisions, and has the visionary quality that is so important to be successful today.
It was his first job in the industry, and he was always willing to take time to be a quality mentor to him.
His attention to detail and passion for quality are refreshing in an industry that is all too often inundated with mediocrity.
No one else in the industry comes close to the quality, professionalism and dedication that he and his colleagues offer.
Sharp, industrious, articulate, professional and inclusive is just the start to him endless qualities.
John exhibits an unprecedented level of innovation and quality, which are rarely seen in the industry today.