Receiving Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Receiving Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

That is probably the best recommendation anyone can receive from him.

Johnsburg and always received excellent feedback from our attendees.

He would ask for his feedback and share any feedback he had received.

It's no wonder he receives the accolades that he genuinely deserves.

In truth, he's the guy from whom you want to receive recommendations.

We have only received positive comments about him from all our guests.

We received excellent value from his findings and recommendations.

His classes were extraordinarily well delivered and well received.

He really understands the value of giving first to receive the latest.

John stood out and was extremely well received by the whole crowd.

His findings and recommendations were well received and accepted.

His workshops are well received and appreciated by our audience.

John often praises others without receiving his due appreciation.

A perfect example of this is how he likes to receive feedback.

He is well-received which proved that he has great potential.

Him concise, thorough approach was well received by everyone.

He understands that the more we share without expecting to receive back the merrier, we receive and consequently we make all significant progress.

John is an exceptional manager and has received high praise from the team he managed.

He also reviews your needs annually to be sure you are still receiving the best available option.

He has always received an 'above expectations' on his review.

He continually receives positive feedback from the managers he is hiring for as well as his candidates.

John dealt with all levels of the organization & was well received by top management.

John received rave reviews from his manager and is welcome back as a contractor.

Many of our best received videos are off the back of his involvement.