Recruiting Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Recruiting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John recruited for a number of his managers as well as for him directly.
John managed the entire recruitment lifecycle and was very successful.
Very dedicated and would happily let him manage his recruitment needs.
His skill set is broad, and he could manage any facet of recruiting.
He uses metrics to manage the efficiency of the recruiting efforts.
Not only that, he's an amazing manager, but also a strong recruiter.
John managed our outsourced recruiting efforts very effectively.
With him management, we built our recruiting module from scratch.
Having been a recruiter himself gives him an edge as a manager.
John really is the epitome of a successful recruiter & manager.
His insights into recruiting and managing people are second to none.
John and his team have made his recruiting efforts more manageable.
John's a great manager with an abundance of recruiting expertise.
John manages an ongoing complex recruitment effort skillfully.
John consistently recruited top people into his cadre of managers.
He also has a great rapport with his hiring managers, candidates and his fellow recruiters.
John has a strong passion for recruiting and bringing success to those he manages.
As a recruiter he managed to find the best suitable opportunities for his profile.
John exemplifies the benchmark of what a manager and a recruiter should be.
John's has been a guide and mentor to several managers recruited by him.
He stands out as a what a good recruitment manager should be.
He knows a ton about recruiting, managing employees, and working with hiring managers.
He has been in the industry for many years and he knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to recruiting and recruiting management.
This enables him to be the best manager, salesperson, recruiter and employee possible.
John's management team was well recruited and highly motivated.
His work with the channel has also been impressive both in recruitment but also management.
He went over and above what was required to help him meet his recruitment targets.
John's guidance that he delivers to the recruiting management is always positive and within the organisation's guidelines.
As a recruiting manager, this has saved him an extensive amount of time.
He managed a team of recruiters and provided recruiting consultation to a recruiting organization successfully.
He effectively and efficiently manages the recruitment function for his organization.
He helped coach our recruiting managers, making them better recruiters in the process.
In addition to this, he has recruited, trained and managed many of the best recruiters in the industry.
His hiring managers and peer recruiters have the highest respect for him.
His ability to recruit, manage staffing requirements and manage clients is unparalleled.
Aside from excellent management of candidates, he made certain that external recruiters kept their standards high when dealing with vacancies and recruits.
This is why clients repeatedly come to him first and allow him to manage all recruitment campaigns for them.
He understands the pressures that recruiting managers are under and ensures that only the right candidates are put forward for consideration.
If you are looking for someone who can recruit, manage, inspire, and exert command (when needed), then you know who to hire.
His recruiters and managers loved his approachable style and trusted that he always had their best interests at stake.
He consistently listened to the recruiting requirements and kept managing to find that diamond in the rough.
Thanks to him, we managed to recruit hard-to-find candidates in a sensible timeframe.
His transition to recruiting manager was a seamless and natural move for him.
John hired his agency to recruit and refer managers about a decade ago.
John gets his highest recommendation for all things recruiting & sourcing.
His capability in sourcing and recruiting was unquestionable.
He always wanted to learn more, which is why he elevated to a recruiting management position.
He manages recruitment activities well and prompt for any details needed.