Recruiting Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Recruiting Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John, an exceptional recruiter having outstanding organizational skills.
He showed exemplary skills in recruiting candidates for niche positions and knows his recruiting well.
John's recruiting skills and expertise were one hundred percent on point in each step.
For the company he's recruiting since he finds candidates that have the skills they need.
His recruiting skills are exemplary and he has excellent instincts and insight.
His thinking is that strong recruiting skills are necessary but not sufficient.
John exemplifies excellent interpersonal and recruiting skills that delivers.
John is a tenacious recruiter with many skills to find him candidates.
John possess all the necessary skills to be a top notch recruiter.
It's a skill that is so rare and makes him such a great recruiter.
His follow up skills and overall recruiting ability is top notch.
He has strong domain expertise and excellent recruitment skills.
John is an impressive recruiter with a diverse set of skills.
In recent times he has turned his considerable skills to growing recruitment companies and doing turnarounds of recruiting companies.
He is an excellent recruiter with emphasis placed upon his sourcing skills.
When we hired him, it was for his skills in recruiting, but he quickly became much more valuable to the organization.
His skills to recruit, hire, and inspire his employees is second to none.
His skills in recruiting and talent acquisition were excellent.
He has excellent recruiting skills and is very passionate about his work.
His determination for his work and skills in recruitment are remarkable.
John recruiter would be fortunate to work under his skillful supervision.
John's sourcing and recruiting skills would make him a valuable addition to any recruiting team.
Him recruiting skills garner him praise from his peers and superiors.
His recruiting skills and ability to connect with people is amazing.
Being in recruitment is the perfect fit for him, though his skills go way beyond that.
He is highly skilled at what he does and is one of the top recruiters in the team.
John's leadership skills were evident throughout his recruiting teams.
Unlike too many other recruiters, he understands the needs of the position and what skills best correspond and compliment those needs.
As a recruiter, he knows how to articulate requisitions to candidates and bring out the best of their skills.
All these skills made him a terrific recruiter, but what stands out even more is his ability to collaborate.
His recruiting skills are outstanding, with particular strength in competitive candidate identification.
He is flexible in the skills he could recruit for and was always able to find excellent candidates.
John positions his recruit's skills as they align to the opportunity with laser-like precision.
John is an excellent judge of character, and he uses this skill to expertly recruit candidates.
His ability to identify right recruits & hone their skills is one his greatest strengths.
John possesses many skills and attributes that make him a highly successful recruiter.
He has excellent follow-up skills, which undoubtedly makes him a successful recruiter.
The questions that he asked to show very quickly his skill in the recruiting world.
He brings good recruiting chameleon skills which we can see rarely in any one.
His solid recruiting skills will be an asset in any hiring situation.
He is very good in recruiting niche and super niche skill sets.
John is a solid technical recruiter with the sourcing/full cycle recruiting skills.
This has given him exposure to a wide variety of skills to recruit for as well as all sides of the recruiting process.
He demonstrates that it is attitude, as much as skill, which makes a successful recruiter.
John's recommendation really did allow us to showcase our skills within recruitment and for that we are so very thankful.
He is a skilled recruiter and really pays attention to the details.
John's skills in recruitment are highly impressive and undoubtedly would recommend him to both job seekers and companies wanting recruitment.
These recruiters devoted considerable time to selling him on the skills and value of the candidate.
His contacts with various clients and him interpersonal skills with him recruits are outstanding.
He has solid writing and verbal skills and was more than qualified for all recruiting duties.
He is instrumental in finding qualified and skilled recruiters for our organization.
He would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to recruit him skill sets.
He thinks outside the box when recruiting and has great organization skills.
John's skill in recruiting and employee relations goes unmatched.
He is an outstanding recruiter and has an amazing skill to read people.
John has connections no other recruiter could dream of because of his strong relationship skills.
Not only are his recruitment skills greatly, but his knowledge about each role is impeccable.
His interpersonal skills are excellent as are his knowledge of new recruiting techniques.
John is passionate, has integrity in what he does and is a highly skilled recruiter.
He is very skilled and has complete understanding of the recruitment processes.