Recruitment Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Recruitment Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It was brilliant to say the least and it actually changed his view on recruitment consultancies.

He takes a consultative approach regarding each recruiting assignment.

Most recruitment consultants would have used this as a polite way of getting him off the phone.

There are not many recruitment consultants who understand the architecture domain as well as he does.

As a recruitment consultant, he had a natural eye for people.

So far he is the best and is a valuable asset, not only as a recruiter but also as a consultant.

He balances very finely the role between an aggressive recruiter and a likeable consultant.

He did a great job of assimilating the recruiting consultants into the organization.

His attention to detail and determination is something all recruitment consultants and especially the largest recruitment companies could learn from.

As a recruitment consultant, he has acted on his behalf for six contracts over the past three years.

Add his degree of professionalism with his recruiting ability, and you have the definition of consultant.

John's enthusiasm and drive to succeed are infectious and stand him apart from the majority of other recruitment consultants.

Working with him was truly enjoyable as he is every recruitment consultant's ideal candidate: honest, dedicated and timely.

His consultative approach not only ensures he knows his clients inside and out, but also the organisations he recruits for.

In those two years he has guided and motivated him to be a successful and experienced recruitment consultant.

His consultative approach to clients' recruitment needs ensures that he delivers consistently.

He would prove an asset to his organization and would be a great recruitment consultant.

John is an exceptional recruiter who will go above and beyond to make sure that the people he recruits are the right fit for the company.

John is a great recruitment consultant, he works very hard and goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best recruitment experience.

He's an extremely knowledgeable consultant with a very well-rounded recruitment depth.

John sticks out among other recruiters because he is very responsive and follows-up all the time.

It's like dealing with a recruitment consultant who's a top creative in his own right.

John maintains an excellent relationship between the recruiter, the recruiting organization and the candidate.

John stands out among other recruitment consultants as he takes the time to understand our culture and what we are really looking for in employees.

John is not your typical recruitment consultant as he listens and actually cares who he pleases.

He's an excellent example of how recruitment consultant should act, care and deliver.

John is always very helpful and is not the kind of recruitment consultant who pesters you with irrelevant positions just because he is trying to fill them.

As a recruitment consultant, he always follows up on interviews unlike many who only get back to you with requests for follow on interviews.

John is recommended to him as a recruitment consultant from a number of colleagues, he had placed over the past couple of years.

John is a recruitment consultant that candidates can trust and he is genuinely interested in finding the right placement.

The recruitment consultant was very attentive and gave him excellent advice prior to and after his interviews.

He used to handle the recruitment for the consulting department with a great eye for detail.

John is his recruiter and he provided sound advice and guidance.

John's understanding of the challenges faced by recruitment consultants and recruitment business owners is second to none.

Having been involved in both aspects/sides of recruitment, he is acutely aware and sympathetic to all those involved, be that his colleagues, applicants and recruitment agency consultants.

His passion for recruitment has seen and guided him into a well balanced professional consultant.

John came on board and really made waves in our recruiting function.

What sets him apart is his consistency before, during and after a consultant, he recruited has been assigned to a client.

John brings a perspective and consultative approach to recruiting that is extremely valuable to an organization.

John joined us as an interim consultant during a time of significant change and recruitment.

John is an excellent recruiter who knows his stuff really well.

John has had significant experience in leadership recruiting.