Recruitment Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Recruitment Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is a great recruiter who has the ability to recruit in all industries, he makes sure he understands the requirements of both the role and the candidates.

John recruited him into the employment background screening industry.

As a veteran in the recruitment industry, his experiences will help any young recruiters grow in their profession.

He is also quite well-rounded as he has seen success recruiting within multiple verticals across many different industries.

Now he is in the recruitment industry, doing quite well, which only suggest his versatility & adaptability to any situation.

His recruiting/cold calling/networking techniques are ones that anyone in the recruiting industry should envy.

He quite literally knows everyone in the recruitment industry and stays in touch with those in the know.

John showed great adaptability when he moved from an entirely different industry into recruitment.

John' approach to recruitment stands out from all the other big players in this industry.

He's also one of the best recruiters within his industry and happens to be a nice chap too.

His frank and open approach is very refreshing to see within the recruitment industry.

These hold him in good stead for recruitment mandates across different industries.

He explains it well in his summary, he is an asset to the recruitment industry.

His good contacts in the industry made him a very effective recruiting.

John stays current with the ever changing industry of recruiting.

Even though he was a recruiter, he was totally ensconced in the digital industry he recruited for.

When that is combined with him tremendous insight into industry trends, he becomes a powerful force in the recruiting industry.

As someone who is new to the industry, he comes in with a different perspective and is one of the more progressive recruiters of this time.

All of his clients look to him for advice as he knows the recruiting industry better than most.

Unlike some recruitment trainers, he has worked in the recruitment industry and knows what he is talking about.

The knowledge that he has pertaining to the recruiting industry is unbelievable.

John is very knowledgeable with regard to the industry that he recruits for.

His knowledge of the complexities of the recruitment industry was often used.

His recruitment and hiring knowledge in the industry is second to none.

His recruiting savvy and industry knowledge is unquestionable.

John took it upon himself to understand as much if not more about our industry than the persons he was recruiting.

His contacts within the international recruitment industry are outstanding.

John comes with a wealth of experience and is always up to speed on the legislative changes, industry relevant trends and recruitment strategies which occur within the recruitment industry.

John has found a passion for recruiting, which will be a true asset in our industry or any industry he chooses to pursue.

He followed up to make sure that his resume was presented properly, and would get noticed by recruiters in his industry.

New to the recruitment industry, he came into the team with zest and tenacity.

Even after many years in the industry, he appears more motivated than many recruiters on their first week.

He certainly understands the industry and unlike some of the larger recruitment agencies he is also willing to get to know the individual first.

He will make you feel like you are the only candidate he is trying to place, and that's a rarity in the recruiting industry.

John is super friendly, fun, driven and he's doing placements in the right way for the recruitment industry.

His extensive contacts have allowed him to recruit the best and brightest throughout multiple industries.

Not only does he have a very solid understanding of the industry, he recruits for, he clearly loves it.

Whilst he embraces the changes our industry has faced, he is also a very astute recruiter at his core.

His passion will show through his actions and his deep understanding of the recruiting industry.

A visionary entrepreneur who has now turned to recruitment in an industry he helped to shape.

He understands the industry and the challenges facing companies in their recruiting needs.

When he decided to seek a new position, we got to talking about the recruiting industry.

He also keeps up-to-date with industry trends and effective recruiting strategies.

He shares valuable insights and industry trends in recruiting benchmarking.

His forecasting industry trend, based recruitments were extremely immense.

John's industry experience and acumen are clearly evident in his recruiting abilities.

John brought the industry experience and soon grasped the recruitment know-how.

John and his company are true ambassadors for the recruitment industry and stand for all the things that are right about this profession.

John is an excellent listener, always well prepared and knows the industry and companies he recruits for in depth.

Anyone interested in hiring an expert in the recruiting industry should look to bring him into their organization.

He has an impeccable reputation with his clients and is well-respected throughout the recruiting industry.

There is a reason why he has been in the recruiting industry for the amount of time that he has.

John is a top tier recruiter that understands the industry like the back of his hand.

John is well connected in the industry and his recruiting expertise and knowledge is second to none.

John the bright star of recruitment industry, he is very dedicated & particularly regarding his work.

He has an exceptionally in-depth knowledge of his industry and the those that he recruits for.

His knowledge of the industry, he recruits in is unique and separates him from his competition.

If only others in the recruitment industry possessed him level of integrity.

John is great to talk to, has the industry knowledge to couple with his years of experience in the recruitment industry.

John is a one-in-a-million recruiter and, regardless of the industry for which he recruits, he has all the tools within himself to guarantee massive success for any company.