Relationship Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Not only does he "know his stuff, " he is a great relationship builder and relationship manager.

John is a wonderful relationship manager, who keeps a proactive eye on him relationships and their status.

He took over the management of the relationship with the localization vendor and made it successful.

John excels in relationship management and always makes the time to help colleagues.

In his teaching, project management and relationship management he is excellent.

He is good at interpersonal relationships, at people management, and at managing change.

John forms relationships easily and maintain those relationships over time.

John was always very attentive to the needs of the relationship between our two companies.

It is not too often you get someone that is so committed to his relationships and his craft.

No wonder, the results and the relationships he makes are truly incredible.

I would look forward to have him on board where relationships matter.

He is well respected by both his relationships and colleagues.

He is a total relationship manager in the best sense of the word.

His expertise in managing international relationships was invaluable in salvaging strained relationships.

He is a fantastic relationship manager, which ensures he has great relationships with him reports and peers.

His attention to detail and his management of relationships is unmatched.

He was second to none in creating and cultivating relationships and managing tricky relationships with care.

And with humor, he kept our client/agency relationship just that - a relationship, not a transaction.

He takes the initiative to create relationships, and he walks the walk in all of his relationships.

He will go out of his way to help you and truly understands the power of relationships.

He is one of the best relationship manager who knows the value of time, commitments, and adhering to the deadlines.

At the same time he manages carefully the relationships he is responsible of.

John line managed me directly and we had a great relationship.

More than that though, he is the consummate builder of relationships.

He has also created and managed many important relationships for our company through his many connections.

He is a relationship manager who emphasizes the importance of building solid relationships.

He does not compromise doing things the right way, and thus him results and relationships are sustainable.

His genuine generosity made it possible for me to see the value of relationships over any transaction.

Indeed, his attention to him surroundings and their relationships to one another are constant.

He struck me as being very committed and serious, and our relationship took off from there.

John is all about results and relationships, which is why he was so effective in this role.

Also, he is very cheerful and is having a very cordial relationship with his colleagues.

John is one of the few individuals who believes in collaborative relationships.

His relationship with his counterparts was excellent and he was well respected.

John is an individual who understands the value of supplier relationships.

This only strengthens his relationships and makes him easier to be respected.

He will not be outworked, but understands leadership through relationships.

He's consistently looking to make new connections and expand relationships.

His relationship with his colleagues & friends have always been fruitful.

I found him to be more relationship oriented and concerned about others.

John delivered on promises and kept his commitment to the relationship.

Openness and honesty is apparent in his approach to all relationships.

He's appreciative of his suppliers and gracious in his relationships.

He is very committed with the company and has a good relationship.

Highly enjoyed our relationship as colleagues and his mentorship.

John is collaborative and dynamic and has stellar relationships.

Best of all, he values transparency, openness and relationships.

Overall his relationships-results orientation is well balanced.

During our relationship he has never failed to deliver results.

John commanded my respect in all aspects of our relationship.

John certainly made making money look easy in our relationship.

If you haven't already, message him and create a relationship.

I hold him in the highest respect and value this relationship.

He skillfully managed the relationship between two of the largest companies in their respective sectors.

He managed the relationships with our stakeholder groups who would ultimately use our platform.

He managed our relationship with an effective balance of diplomacy and strategy.

He also had an unbelievable relationship with co-workers and management.

John is a relationship builder, in this tough economy, it is relationships that win.

John not only manages him workload effectively, but also expertly manages relationships with employees, coworkers and peers.

I have always admired his relationship skills as he understands the lifecycle of relationship management.