Risk Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Risk Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John provided invaluable advice to me concerning risk management.

Open for new ideas and willing to take and manage (limited) risks.

John is one of the most experienced experts in risk management.

He managed my portfolio with consistency and perfect risk management.

He truly understands how to make risk and risk management create value for the client.

He was managing the escalation meetings showing progress and managing risks.

John is not afraid of taking risks which is what differentiates him from the mediocre managers.

John takes challenges and manages the risk associated with it well and comes on top.

He knows how to manage and take advantage of the appropriate levels of risk.

John is very organised and disciplined in managing the risks and issues.

He brings those things up to upper management and risks the fallout.

As a project/program manager, he has a keen sense of risk management.

I have seen him courageously try new things while at the same time properly managing the associated risks.

His approach is always proactive and engaging in managing the risks.

John embraced his risk management role and regularly provided insight to mitigate risk on campus.

He is able to exercise entrepreneurial risk management in an otherwise risk adverse organization.

First when he was the risk manager and later when he assumed greater responsibilities there.

John was one of my close friends and my successor as risk manager for our fraternity.

He managed many challenges and opportunities as well as risks with great grace.

Also, he is highly experienced with managing risks and stakeholder expectations.

John is a very focussed, a result oriented manager who is willing to take risks.

John has initiative, stamina and manages risk and reputation with aplomb.

He manages stakeholders well, with regular updates on progress and risks.

He understands risk reward and how to evaluate how companies are managed.

John is very good in identifying risks and proactively managing them.

Him differentiator is his keen ability to anticipate and manage risks.

He has succeeded in making risk management effective and appropriate.

His risk evaluation techniques and management are simply superb.

I was the claim manager and he was the risk management leader.

John is an excellent risk manager with many years' experience.

He knows the right questions to ask and how to successfully manage risks and delegate tasks.

I strongly recommend him, among others, for crisis and risk management assignments.

He likes the innovative ideas and knows perfectly how to take and manage risks.

He taught me how to manage innovation, both taking risks and mitigating them.

He knows how to create value while effectively managing costs and risk.

He manages risk and reward effectively and is easy to engage.

Never afraid of taking risks, he proves that with great risks comes big success.

He has done things that many people would never have taken the risk to try and succeeded.

He did an excellent job managing the risks both within the start-up and within our company.

His expertise in the commodity area is invaluable to managing your risks.

He gives you the opportunity to take risks and is always there to guide you along the way.

He is not afraid to take risks, to evaluate thoroughly and make recommendations.

John is not afraid to take risks, because he knows what it takes to be successful.

For the reason, he is willing to take risks to make the company more profitable.

He is willing to take risks and when there is an opportunity he takes action.

He's open minded and willing to take the risk to try something different.

John always finds the right balance between risk and opportunity.

He doesn't hesitate to take risks, and be open to new ideas.

He is well versed in the management of timelines and documenting/managing issues, risks and actions.

John is an excellent and committed individual with very strong risk management capabilities.

John is a dynamic individual and is certainly well versed in the subject of risk management.

He is mindful of the need to manage risk and very good at keeping his stakeholders updated.

He delivers against his commitments and is good at anticipating risks and managing them.

He has extensive insight and deep understanding in cybersecurity and risk management.

He took a risk by employing me and has since been an outstanding mentor and manager.

He is very adept at identifying the potential issues way in advance and managing risk.

His ability to analyze and manage the risks up front on costs/efforts is very good.

He is an astute manager, understands success, and mitigates risk well in advance.

He is extremely good at managing risk and collaboratively resolving issues.

He easily recognizes risk opportunities and manages to lessen their impact.