Sales Account Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John also willingly took on additional sales responsibilities and executed them well.
His vision and guidance has made him a successful sales executive over the years.
John also believes in timely sales process executions and is not afraid of challenges.
He pro-actively worked with our account executives to make the most of every sales opportunity through providing value added solutions or sales incentives.
He executes sales plans with an efficiency that delivers targeted.
He's one of the rare types sales executives who can balance the demands of meeting quarterly sales targets while also thinking strategically about his accounts.
As our account executive, he was friendly, bright, and always available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues.
John knows how to cut through and make things happen - one of the best strengths of a seasoned and passionate sales executive.
Extremely versatile, he can 'hunt' for new sales as easily as he can 'farm' existing accounts.
He emphasized sales training, account planning, open communication, and disciplined sales execution.
He can drive profits and sales through his accountability tactics which inspire others to be the best.
Next to that, he has demonstrated flawless execution in consumer direct sales.
Since he closed the deal with that account, he has expanded sales into two other major divisions of the company.
Once he did, he executed every sales directive above and beyond the call of duty.
He brought predictability and accountability for sales through his methodology in the account planning process.
He provides him guidance and feedback regarding sales strategy which has helped him better execute his responsibilities.
John gave him executive sales coaching over the period of about one year.
This accounts for his ability to always blow his numbers and sales goals out of the water.
John understands key account sales in the interactive space better than anyone.
John is always a top performer within our sales team both internally as well as when he became an outside account executive.
John is not only an experienced accountant, he also excelled in marketing and sales.
Even in the early goings, it quickly became evident that he was going to be an exemplary account executive and valuable asset to the sales organization.
His ability to handle the most complex sales cycles at the highest levels in an organization differentiates him from most account executives.
His efforts regarding sales were responsible for landing several accounts for the company, single handed.
John's knowledge of running a successful sales organization sets him apart from the rest of the sales executives in the valley.
He understands the sales approach, executes it and his results always demonstrated his ability to deliver.
He consistently increased sales in him accounts and performed very well.
John is a consummate sales pro and is the perfect combination of strategy and execution.
In an attempt to invigorate his sales pipeline one year, we created and executed a blitz.
John blew him away with his ability to execute on the sales strategies, he learnt in our workshop.
When his sales reps prospect into new accounts now, we are already known and respected, which gives us a significant advantage throughout the sales process.
His ability to teach and leverage sales in global accounts was masterful.
John is a polished and consummate account executive, with an ability to learn new sales methodologies and to put his imprint upon them.
He held his sales team accountable to their forecast, and helped enable them to meet their sales goals.
He works with inventory, and sales to make sure each account is balanced.
He also understands other areas beside accounting, such as sales and marketing.
When he was promoted to account executive, he proved to be a tireless sales professional, always looking for the next opportunity to excel.
Additionally, him accounting skills and sales ability are excellent.
He has great skills for sales, but also for growing the account.
He helped him quickly transition into his new role as an account executive and introduced him to new sales strategies which were successfully implemented.
He has a consultative sales approach and he has quickly become one of the top few account executives here in our organization.
John is that rare thing amongst sales guys, honest and he cares about his accounts.
John is extremely tenacious and a sale & account guy who can always see possibilities, even in difficult situations.
He fully understands the anatomy of a sale and consistently exceeded the expectations of his accounts.
John is a very knowledgeable and energetic sales executive who taught him quite a bit about the sales process and how to succeed.
He is a solid sales executive with a vast amount of experience.
He's a great executive, focused on sales, and partner relationship.
John is a sales strategist with an understanding and eye to execution for what it takes to turn a sales battalion into an army.
He is a strong and fair task master and keeps everyone accountable for their executables and deliverables.
John is an experienced sales executive who focuses on achieving the best value outcome for both the client and the firm.
He not only is a phenomenal client to have, but he is constantly challenging him to be a better sales executive.
John is a strong executive who drove great revenue and sales growth.
John keeps the sales goals incredibly accountable, simple, and spells out the tasks to get it done.
John is a sales focused, executive who truly understands the need to partner with people to get things done.
However, it is his ability to execute and take into account the needs of the business that set him apart in his mind.
He knows his accounts, sets business expectations, and executes flawlessly.
John is a great sales executive and he delivered excellent results covering territory accounts in his team.
John has raised the bar for the sales team and helped bring in many new accounts.
John is the brightest there is, started as an account executive and quickly gained trust and was promoted to a sales leader.
He is able to handle short and long sales cycles, and small to major accounts.