Sales Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His commitment to successful sales achievement and account penetration is unparalleled.
His door was always open for advice and he was interested in us as account managers who were an extension of his prime sales organisation.
He plays account management and sales roles equally well and he rapidly acquaints himself with new business/industry requirements.
He could be counted on to manage multiple sales opportunities requiring multiple contact points inside an account.
His unselfish nature and sales acumen set the foundation for his strong account management ability.
He handled quite a number of account managers adeptly and saw "the big picture" for sales.
His branch was accounted for best sales - minimum returns and best margins.
From his roles in pares sales to sales and account management to strategy and transformation he has definitely made a great impact with many of our clients.
His sales acumen, account knowledge and sheer ability to manage a sales opportunity from conception to closure is great.
John is very successful making sales calls, handling objections, and following through with the accounts he managed.
John held his sales teams accountable through firm but respectful management guidance.
John gets to know him accounts in detail and after the sale stays with them to ensure success.
He is passionate about sales and cultivating the best in those he manages, and has proven to be one of the top sales performers in the organisation.
John is a unique sales professional and he has always exceeded his expectations in managing his accounts.
As time went by, his accomplishments as our main sales and account manager for his company, indeed, did not fail to impress him.
Always had the sales account management aspects front and centre of his activities.
In addition, his sales and account management background allow him to provide recommendations to customers and be a mentor for growing account managers.
He goes out of his way to provide sales and operational support to the account and sales managers.
John worked for him for several years, starting in accounting and then moving into outside sales.
John brings much to the sales and account management 'theater' that can't be taught, for example his core work ethic.
He understands the complete sales process and what it takes to effectively manage an account.
Needless to say he is a very effective relationship and sales manager and an asset to any sales organisation.
He met the target through him pragmatic and persistent approach to sales and over-delivered to his flawless relationship management and account management.
John's experience has been very beneficial for his transition from sales to management.
His years of sales experience come through in his management style.
He excelled in outside sales, account management and inside sales - building solid working relationships along the way.
He knows his accounts very well and is well thought of by both his customers and internal sales management.
He instilled a sense of accountability and account ownership within the sales force through continual focus on a disciplined and repeatable sales methodology.
He not only was a great sales person, but also a great account manager.
The ops team doesn't want him to move on and the sales team can't do without him managing his accounts.
He came in right away and made a difference, he held his sales people accountable but he was fair.
He successfully managed our team's largest accounts through well prepared inside and outside sales meetings.
At the time he managed our account he truly made a difference in motivating his sales team.
He led our sales team in most accounts taken away from a competitor.
Not only does he display excellent sales skills himself, but he is also an excellent sales manager.
He's a good account manager and knowledgeable sales professional.
His insightful recommendations and observations of his account resulted in increased sales and lower expenses.
He threatened to supersede him in his sales role which is most unusual coming from an accounting background.
His sales advice helped him close the most significant account in his company's history.
John brings excellent leadership and great enthusiasm to global account sales.
He brought a fresh outlook to his accounts and the sales role simultaneously.
As sales manager, he is very hands on and holds people accountable for the goals they set for themselves.
He extremely well managed to work in a multitask environment combining the responsibilities of sales and account manager and project manager.
John takes complete ownership of the sales cycle and his account management / post sales skills are second to none.
As an account manager, he can drive/lead a sales transaction but even more important, he understood how to manage the account for true strategic growth.
His level of expectation and accountability made him a better sales executive and an even better manager.
You couldn't help but find yourself hoping to run into him - an excellent quality in sales and account management.
John worked with him on several accounts during the sales process.
He is very thoughtful about how he manages his accounts, and crafts his strategy to not just meet but to exceed his sales goals.
He holds himself and his team accountable for exceeding sales objectives.
With deep experience in global sales and account management, he is very valuable asset to our company.
Him previous sales and account management track record gave him a fast start.
He should be commended for his sales prowess, account management skills and organization.
Under his account management we saw growth in sales which led to market share growth.
With his extensive sales and sales management experience, he just gets the job done (and done well).
John is a very good sales person and he can also manage key accounts with great efficiency.
It was a pleasure to work with him on so many accounts, going through many hurdles to close that sale.
He has a great command of sales and his accounts, and he works well with just about everyone.
He seemed to have good relationships with his accounts which meant achieving sales targets.
He consistently found new ways to bring accounts into the sales process.