Sales Coach LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Coach Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Him coaching for the sale and negotiation were invaluable to him.

Not to mention his methods in sales coaching are extremely effective.

John is his mentor and sales coach and is outstanding at what he does.

He started him on his road to being a sales writer/marketing coach.

His mission was to coach sales of resellers to increase growth.

John is a great sales coach because it comes naturally to him.

He understands the sales funnel in a way that few coaches do.

His leadership and coaching brought him to new records for sales.

John adapted him coaching to each sales rep and all raved about him.

His coaching is exemplary and sales technique he teaches is awesome.

His door was always open for advice, counseling and sales coaching.

Highly recommend him to anyone seeking sales training and coaching.

He also coaches and motivates our sales teams to do the same.

His approach to sales coaching is direct, effective and repeatable.

Hence, this is why he is an excellent sales and business coach.

As well as teaching the principles you have coached him to apply these to his specific sales challenges.

John's out of the box coaching helped rejuvenate our sales team.

His ability to coach and mentor in sales and leadership has been invaluable to him and his company.

He's humanistic, realistic, and results-oriented - exactly what a sales coach should be.

He would be a great candidate for sales, managerial / coaching / leadership roles.

His no nonsense approach to sales and to coaching are a breath of fresh air.

John is a very experienced sales coach and a wonderful mentor.

He sets the direction in the sales cycle and is the coach for the sales rep during those critical phases.

His passion for sales and coaching shows from the first day you meet him.

He also knows how to effectively motivate and coach the sales teams to succeed.

He took his inside reps out on sales calls and was a great coach.

Further, in that he is relentlessly coaching every sales rep on how to better position our more and more complicated portfolio.

He catches him to a better version of himself, helps him to prepare more effectively for every sales opportunity.

With him tips and daily coaching, he could help you discover your purpose and drive your sales up too.

He continues to help a large group now in his role as sales coach.

John is a master sales coach who truly practices what he preaches.

His knowledge of sales, presentation, negotiation and coaching is second to none.

We are so grateful for his coaching and wisdom in navigating the sales process.

It has been a pleasure to work with him and as him sales coach and mentor.

John's knowledge combined with his passion, makes him one of the best (sales) coaches out there.

John and his team know the sales process and know how to coach sales reps through it.

His training and coaching of new and existing sales personnel is excellent.

He spends as much time as possible with his people coaching them on how to be great sales reps.

He helped them set and attain their sales goals, coaching them on how to be more effective when needed.

John got an amazing vision on sales and has a unique way to teach you as well as coach you about it.

His success in teaching and coaching him has made him a better sales leader.

John combines him sales and coaching expertise into a dynamite package.

Besides being a sales guru, he is an excellent coach and would go to bat for anyone on his team.

His ability to attract, retain, and coach sales teams are fantastic.

John consistently coached his team one-on-one to drive his sales unit in exceeded their sales objectives.

There is no doubt that his coaching efforts contribute greatly to the achievement of the organisation's sales targets.

John "walks the talk" with great sales acumen and coaches others by showing them what to do versus telling them.

His willingness to help others through coaching and mentoring differentiate him from other sales leaders.

He understands what's needed to create a strong coaching culture in the sales arena.

He's a super coach and sales mentor, always setting the example of mutual respect.

The fact that he has a solid background in sales and coaching was a big plus.

He took the time to provide effective coaching after our sales calls.

Additionally, he always proved to be a great "coach" as he managed the sales process through other sales teams.

His sales advice, training and coaching helped polish his salesmanship.

John brings energy and enthusiasm when coaching his sales team.

He understands the strengths and weaknesses of his sales reps and leverages it to provide coaching.

Then, he coaches them to build their sales effort, one step at a time.

What can a sales coach, teach him about delivering technology.

Him sales strategies, coaching and facilitation are definitely heading above others.

His coaching has taken his direct sales team to the next level.