Sales Development Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Development Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

We did significant work together while developing the sales on his territory.

He worked with several in our organization to help them develop into better sales people.

John for his dedication and motivation towards the development of sales professionals.

He will go above and beyond to develop his sales team, and help them reach their highest potential.

From there he developed a sales plan specific to our company.

John absolutely killed it inside and outside of his role as a sales development representative, always going above and beyond him roll, constantly putting his hand up for different challenges.

He developed and implemented the most efficient sales organization within the company.

From sales to site development, and everything in between, he ensures that the company runs smoothly and is successful.

Whilst he more than exceeded in those capabilities where he shined was in developing our presence and sales online.

John focuses on delivering growth, sales and profit; he is committed to developing himself and others.

He shows you the clear path to success, and is one of the best sales development experts today.

John created some great sales collateral, developed a website and much more.

He also takes initiative, and helped develop sales collateral and tools.

John helped him develop and build his skills as a sales representative.

He brought much rigor to our sales process and helped us develop our sales team.

His focus is on developing other sales professionals to be the best that they can be.

He assisted in numerous sales development proposals for him and each were incredibly done.

His leadership and guidance was extremely helpful in the development of his sales people.

John spent a detailed hour with him on the development of his sales techniques.

John contributed greatly to his development, while in the technology sales arena.

He developed a clear definition of our sales cycle and how to measure it.

John always provided invaluable support in developing sales reports, analyzing sales and offering suggestions to maximize sales in the future.

In his position he was responsible for sales and business development.

He inherently knows how to capture their attention and develop lasting sales relationships.

John also possesses a natural way of developing and maintaining sales relationships.

John helped him improve and develop his sales techniques from prospecting to closing.

He developed a sales process that has delivered immediate success.

He developed excellent relationships that pay off in both sales for the company he represents and trusted friendships/business relationships.

John's passion for sales growth and personal development is infectious.

He would also hold weekly sales meetings focusing on developing us into more efficient and effective sales advisors.

His presentation allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of sales and partnership techniques.

His development as a sales professional during that time has been impressive.

Professional and fair, he and his team achieved an excellent development of our round the world sales.

Him passion for sales, the development of his team, and loyalty to them is so apparent and inspiring.

On sales calls he always connected well with the client/prospect and developed an instant rapport.

Worked wonders in his sales development and market development roles with very little resources.

He's always looking forward and is developing innovative sales strategies for landing our new clients.

John developed innovative approaches and ideas, such as sales contests to motivate us.

The sales department would not be able to function without the collateral he develops for us.

John as a well developed ability to think outside of the square, combined with a natural sales instinct.

He developed his own unique system and style for motivating the sales representatives who reported to him and developing their latent talents.

He developed and implemented a successful sales methodology while creating a new sales team.

His unique perspective on sales and the development of sales professionals always helped him look at situations in a fresh way.

He encouraged us to succeed in our sales while always reminding us to focus on our own development and learning.

In his sales and development roles he was creative and tireless driving too close.

You have been a huge source of inspiration, and developed his view on sales and entrepreneurship.

John would be an outstanding addition to any sales or learning and development team.

He represented our company in a positive manner and developed the trust of many of our employees and clientele.

John has a very positive and inspirational philosophy that he uses to develop people to help them drive sales.

This has enabled him to successfully meet his sales goals and developing him robust pipeline.

John developed people around him and was a role model for the sales organization.

Johns ability to coach and develop his sales people is beyond reproach.

He not only has tremendous sales and sales leadership experience, but a great deal of sales training and development experience also.