Sales Person LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Person Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is an aggressive sales person, but also charming and friendly, as well as ethical.

He's my favorite person to have a conversation with about the art/science of sales.

He comes across as an extremely hardworking, focused and self-driven sales person.

John is a very dedicated sales person and recognized as someone who over-achievers.

John is not the type of person that sits back and waits for sales to come to him.

He knows how to motivate a sales team and how to take advantage of every single sales person.

John is a dynamic person with a strong personality which will be an asset to any sales organization.

I would recommend him to any company that looking for a great sales person and specially great person.

Always positive, he was a great sales person, and always had the best interest of his clients while getting the sale done.

John is an energetic, enthusiastic, sales person who has an uncanny ability drive sales in any economic climate.

He was able to bring the best of every sales person's strengths to land sales and of course increase revenues.

John is an exceptional sales pro simply because he's chock full of personality, mojo and sales savvy.

John is truly an exceptional sales person and has been a great mentor to me in my sales career.

And as he is really business oriented, he even does not need any sales person to make the sale move forward.

I can thoroughly recommend him as a new business sales person in any sales organization.

He is known for going out of his way to make sure things are right for the person he is trying to help.

Further, he is the person to go to, when you need things done the best possible way and “yesterday”.

He is the person you go to not only when you want something done, but done beyond your expectation.

I see him as the person you can go to whenever you are looking for something that is unattainable.

He was one of those people that wouldn't ask you to do nothing that he would not do himself.

John is very personable and followed through with everything he said he was going to do.

However, only those that have gotten to know him personally can appreciate all he is about.

He is beyond personable and is always available to help you in any way that you may need.

John is very personable, and you always know exactly what you're going to get from him.

He is always there to help and knows exactly the person to go to in any situation.

John is often the go-to person if we need something done, and need it done urgently.

I am pleased to have worked with him and definitely have grown as a sales person thanks to observing his sales techniques.

John is an exceptional sales person – even after the “sales” process is completed, he is there for you.

He is a dedicated and serious person; he is able to work in pre-sales and also in post-sales position.

In our company he defined the sales process that became the backbone of every sales person's success.

He really understands the sales process, and what it takes to be a successful sales person.

John is a very experienced sales oriented person, he covers all the sales processes.

He is constantly organized, personable, approachable, and always makes sure that the person comes before the company.

I am sure that any person who interacted with him will have long lasting impression of his personality.

His great attitude and personality make him the person that everyone wants to listen to and be around.

Since he is energetic, personable and engaging, he was the perfect person for this role.

He is the person anyone would want to be the person in charge, when challenges show up.

From our first in person meeting, he has always been super personable and easy going.

He's an excellent person to know - always super polite, personable and accommodating.

I had the chance to meet him in person and he also has a very positive personality.

John is an aggressive, personable, metrics oriented sales person who delivers on his numbers and gets the job done.

I consider him to be one of the best salesperson and professional and trustworthy.

He is an incredible person with strong principles and personal beliefs, which makes him an extremely focused person with everything he does.

His patience and interpersonal skills are superior than most of the sales persons.

He is an incredible sales person who always seemed to know the right thing to say at the right time when closing the deal.

He wasn't an in your face, pushy sales person and really took the time to get to know me.

John is extremely well liked, respected, and seen as the ideal enterprise sales person.

He is an exceptional techno salesperson, who can really make a difference to organization.

John is a sales person in the manner that only fellow outstanding sales people can understand.

A consummate sales person, he drove his team most effectively to increase sales very considerably.

He is a fantastic sale-oriented person, result oriented, self driven and highly focused person.

Not only is he incredible at his job, but he is also a wonderful and personal person.

He have a personal connect with all his colleagues & help them in their personal life.

He is a great sales person, mastering all sales cycle and able to leverage all sales channels to make every opportunity progress.

I use the word 'professional' instead of a sales person, as his intelligence is not just limited to sales.

John is an adept sales person who knows how to filter the prospects from the chaff and he has a great method of closing the sales.

John is a brilliant and ambitious sales person as well as an incredible sales leader.

John is the sales person you want to duplicate because not only is he an outstanding sales person with product/service knowledge, he understands operations.

I personally found his training sessions and advice invaluable to my success as a sales person.

He also put in a lot of effort in trying to not only win sales, but also to help each sales person improve.