Sales Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His interpersonal skills could be envied by anyone who looks for success within the sales world.

John has got excellent selling skills and he used to convert most of the prospects into sales.

John has always inspired me with his intellectual capacities and impressive sales skills.

John is one of the sole reasons of how my sales skills went from good to exceptional.

His leadership skills are exceptional and his insight into sales is really profound.

Combine that with his sales skills and you've got yourself a successful startup.

His plan and sales skills are top notch and he would have an impact on any sales organization.

He has excellent sales skills and understands the interplay between sales and marketing.

He possesses excellent sales skills and is able to view all angles within a sales cycle.

John was a terrific rep, having great sales skills, organizational skills, and superior sales process.

He has an incredible mix of skills that allow him to be successful in enterprise sales.

Starting with his sales ability, he is undoubtedly both skilled and proven in this area.

John takes the time to make sure all of us understands each sales skill he introduces.

John has always had the skills, drive and determination to succeed in the sales arena.

His influencing and interpersonal skills make him an outstanding sales professional.

His drive and determination are truly exceptional, his sales skills are outstanding.

John is also skilled in the area of sales, which makes him extremely unique and rare.

John has exceptional presentation skills and his interpersonal skills are an asset when closing a sale.

John's strong relationship skills gives him an edge over others when it comes to sales.

He has very good sales skills and uses his skill and personality to influence people.

John is an excellent coach, who is always able to help his sales reps grow their sales skills.

I would highly recommend his sales skills and outstanding leadership skills to any organization looking to expand their sales force.

Over the years he became strongly skilled in hard and soft skills required to be a very successful sales individual.

John has strong sales organization leadership and sales enablement skills and can be a great asset for any sales team.

John's hard work and persuasive sales skills propelled him to the top of the sales organization.

John has also strong presentation and sales skills and which bring much value to the company.

John's organizational skills and persistence also contributed to his overall sales success.

He went out of his way to mentor me with prospecting, sales and presentation skills.

His sales skills are exceptional which became key to the growth that we experienced.

He has the right sales skills, the right attitude and he is always eager to learn.

John is the consummate team player and is skilled in all aspects of the sales process - from pre-sales to post-sales.

I will definitely recommend him and the class to all my friends, interested in upgrading their sales skills.

John's sales skills are very polished, with an understanding of how to move deals forward to close.

He not only has a nose for opportunities, but also the skills to turn these into effective sales.

John taught me many skills that helped contribute to my success during my first year in sales.

His sales skills are extremely strong - which is what separates him from the rest of the pack.

He has excellent sales skills and always provided a great atmosphere within the boutique.

I would highly recommend him for any position that requires leadership or sales skills.

His prowess and selling style has provided me with many tips on honing my sales skills.

We are indebted to him for the trust and confidence him sale skills have built for us.

I however strongly believed he had all the required skills to handle frontline sales.

He has good networking skills and carries himself extremely well in sales situations.

His skills always helped him to overcome the natural resistance from the sales force.

This in addition to his exceptional sales skills makes him an asset to any company.

He treats sales as an honorable profession and is constantly upgrading his skills.

John's own sales numbers prove that he is a very skilled and successful salesman.

His work ethic was outstanding, his sales skills superlative, and his negotiating skills exceptional.

John brings to the table solid sales skills through relationship building skills.

I have experienced first hand him excellent sales skills, and can recommend him without qualification for sales training and related skills.

John is a very skilled sales professional who delivers outstanding sales results each quarter.

Excellent presentation skills and one of the best performers in his sales domain.

He makes working in sales fun, and has so many great sales skills to share with his team.

He was instrumental in identifying my strengths in sales and helped me wrangle the right skills at the right time to close sales.

John's sales skills are founded on a genuine interest in helping his clients, and that interest doesn't end with the sale.

He has true sales and presentation skills, both of which can be unfortunately rare in most organizations.

He has a unique blend of sales skills, technical skills and people skills that enable him to be effective in any situation.

His sales and business skills, as well as his ability to see through the haze of fluff, make him valuable in much more than just sales.

John has strong sales skills, as well as leadership skills, and would be an asset to any firm that he worked for.

John is an exceptional sales executive with innovative sales and strategy skills.

His vast knowledge of sales skills and creating sales opportunities out of what seems to be a dead end is incredible.