Sales Team Leader LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Sales Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's leadership took our sales team from the middle tier to the top performing and most recognizable sales team in the company.

John and his team did a great job of booking a sales appointment for him and his team.

His team has doubled our sales volume and we were already the leaders in our market.

The sales team he puts together are always switched in in all the right areas.

John's influence on our sales team for the past year has been outstanding.

His encouragement and motivation allow for an ever evolving sales team.

From his viewpoint, he was the most effective member of the sales team.

He came into the sales team with enthusiasm and a can do attitude.

He sets an excellent example for other members of his sales team.

He motivates his team to be the best sales force first by example.

His interaction with his entire sales team was always exemplary.

Others on the sales team turn to him for advice and guidance.

He motivated his team and always surpassed the sales targets.

Have seen him guiding the team and being a catalyst for his team's success.

He fosters collaboration both within the team as well as cross teams.

He met or exceeded his sales goals from quarter to quarter and was always willing to help the rest of the sales team.

He consistently met sales quotas and made himself available to help his team successfully attain their sales goals.

His sales leadership was an important component that helped our sales team excel and overachieve.

He immediately had an impact on the company's sales; all while building an effective sales team.

His expertise helped our team achieve our sales goals and even win sales awards.

John build strong sales teams that consistently exceeded sales quota.

He shines as a team leader, and is equally effective when he's a team member under the direction of other leaders.

We had a wonderful experience with him and his team while opening our eyes, as well as our sales teams.

John and the product team were always very responsive to feedback from the sales team.

John's enthusiasm and positive attitude immediately set him apart as an outgoing leader amongst the sales team.

His team beat their sales targets quarter after quarter and he was a leader throughout the organization.

John is an outstanding sales leader and great motivator of teams, he is also one heck of a salesman.

John proved many times over that he was a shining sales-leader and an asset to our team.

He sets himself apart as a proven leader among his team and sales reps org wide.

As team leader, he provides the efficiency of his team and good relations among subordinates.

His understanding and enthusiasm make him a great team leader and mentor to his team.

He helped our team make important improvements in our sales conversations and teaming.

By identifying different buyer characters, it will allow his sales team to be more effective in closing the sale.

So was his performance as a team player and leader in the sales function.

The sales teams that worked for him would do anything for him.

John's experiences in sales and channels, make him the ideal partner for the sales team.

As team leader, we worked hard for him and we valued his advice on sales situations.

The team was charged with analyzing his sales and delivering insights that would help him drive sales in the future.

He helps his team, his sales reps reach new heights in their sales career.

John and his team, made sure their sales team had all the required tools to meet customers/factory satisfaction.

A big sales team motivator and always had a good feel for the pulse of his team.

Besides that, he inspired the whole team and himself in the art of sales.

A proven sales leader dedicated to insuring the success of his team.

John successfully motivated our team while increasing sales and revenue, guiding our agency to be the current leader in sales in the country.

As a team leader, he always supported his team and went out of his way to help them succeed.

He functioned well as a team leader when required in co-ordinating our team effectively.

John likes to empower and show trust in his team backed by his astute guidance which makes him a very successful sales team leader.

He consistently impressed both him and the sales team with his ability to find opportunities and pass them, in plenty, to sales.

John helped him and the rest of the sales team craft crisps messaging and effective sales collateral.

He built a strong sales team that directly impacted strong sales growth during his leadership.

John genuinely "knows his stuff" in the sales arena and can inspire a sales team to deliver.

He mentors young sales novices to create a truly effective sales team.

His strong sales leadership at our company ensured his teams consistently exceed sales targets.

John embodies what makes a very successful sales person and team leader.

The important thing though, is how he did it through empowering the sales team to believe in themselves and begin to do that themselves.

John also has the willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done and to help his sales team succeed.

He will go above and beyond to make sure that his sales team is successful in achieving their goals.

More importantly, he knows how to inspire people and get the best from his sales teams.

Together with his sales savvy and love of life - he is someone you want on your team.

In particular, he always felt like a "partner" to him and his sales team.