Senior Account Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Our senior executives listened and responded extremely well to his coaching.
First, he was responsible for recruiting him to a senior executive position.
John didn't allow his seniority to separate himself from junior executive and he always made it point to get to know his employees.
John is amazing how he was able to keep all of the priority and senior staff executing so efficiently.
He is equally as comfortable and relevant working with new employees as he is with senior executives.
His accounting background coupled with his desire for efficiency allows him to select the best possible execution to create the most value.
He helped arrange key meetings with senior executives and him follow-up was outstanding.
He talks to people, asks them what they want, and then executes.
Then he finds the right people to help him execute and deliver.
He's the kind of accomplished senior executive that any organization would profit from, if they were lucky enough to snag him.
John would also be a great addition to any organization looking for a senior executive to take it to the next level.
Always open to new challenges, he diligently executes it despite the difficulties.
John has a sense of urgency in everything he does, and is execution oriented.
He's not afraid of having hard conversations and executes them eloquently.
He can also execute exceptionally well and follows his budgets closely.
His maturity allows him to easily converse with company executives.
John is a great example of the best kind of search executive.
Innovative thinking and flawless execution are his strengths.
His relationship with senior executives at our customers was exemplary.
He provides an excellent forum and service for senior executives in transition.
His ability to build effective rapport with senior executives, and effectively expand his influence within accounts has been well demonstrated.
He excels at selling to senior level clients and large accounts.
John's networking capabilities with senior executives helped enormously with this endeavor.
He provided valuable resources as well as accountability that helped him towards becoming a successful executive.
This, in his opinion, makes him fairly unique as a senior executive of a global corporation.
John knows how to execute well and without fail, especially when the stakes are high.
An executive who gets things done, and a positive influence for those around him.
His strengths are the speed and determination with which he executes tasks.
He can tactically execute, while being able to see the big picture.
As well, his tactical execution was flawless and spot on target.