Senior Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He manages situations and group meetings with seniority and grace.

From day-one, he assumed a senior role on a complex account and managed it with confidence and grace.

Additionally, his background in finance, accounting and management will serve him well as a senior member of the management staff.

As a senior account manager, he is capable of dealing with the often tumultuous world of advertising without getting flustered.

His knowledge and opinions are sought out and well respected by senior management.

John's credibility at senior levels and account management skills are excellent.

He worked well with his account team and engaged with senior management comfortably and effectively.

Respected highly in equal measure by the senior management team and the people he managed.

He is a really senior and accountable manager and he also has very good relations with customers.

Although he was quiet senior to us & managed different department, still guided & helped as and when required.

He went and beyond into convincing the senior management to strengthen the team and towards the stewardship.

Very soon he was able to gain credibility from the senior management as well as his team.

John's efforts were well received by senior managers, both on-site and globally.

As a manager and a senior colleague, he always brings the best out of his team.

During his six years with the firm he quickly advanced to the senior manager level.

In addition, he can advise senior management about what to expect, the requirements for change management and make course corrections along the way.

Working with senior management at the highest levels of the firm, he provided clarity and management prowess in responding to the allegations.

John worked well under pressure with the many requests for the demanding senior management.

He showed great commitment, accountability and ability to manage senior stakeholders during the project.

John worked with his team as one of the senior major account managers for a number of years.

Even when senior management rejected his proposals he was usually proven right in the long run.

John does what he says he will do, maintaining the highest credibility with employees, his peers and with senior management.

Given an opportunity he can make many a senior management member feel his importance.

John quickly established senior relationships within the multinational and global accounts he was assigned.

All these attributes make him a well-liked employee, by his team as well as senior management.

John's experience as a leader and manager suits him well for any position of senior management.

He interfaces well with senior management, achieving strategic goals.

He handles himself confidently with senior management, which will serve him well as him career progresses.

He engages with senior level managers well and is able to determine needs effectively.