Senior Executive Assistant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Executive Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Fortunately, the issue of branding senior executives was nothing new to his selection.
John not only meets an executive's every need, he anticipates those needs.
His tips on following up, organization and overall execution are also great.
You can count on him to execute on what was discussed and to do so on time.
John organization would be a better off having him in their executive suite.
Second, his time from ideation to execution has always been staggering.
But this guy is not there to waste time; he is all about execution.
At the same time he has an extensive background in execution.
At the same time he can also roll up his sleeves and execute.
Once he stepped in, we were aligned and executing in no time.
Anyone needing senior search assistance would benefit from connecting with him.
He executes with intelligent passion and his consultative approach is valued by senior executives.
He truly knows what he is doing, and he executes flawlessly every single day.
Recently he has assisted him with several senior searches that his client groups have begun.
John's ability to engage with his team and senior executives at his company was particularly impressive.
His will to embrace new challenges in uncharted waters and capability of executing make him a unique executive.
He is also very well-respected by the senior executives at all levels within the organization because he knows how to deliver results and get things done.
He's all about the execution, which is the first sign of success in today's competition.
After he mines the consumer insights he follows this up with relentless execution.
John provides the executive skills and leadership that any company would desire.
The John company would be fortunate to have his executive leadership at the helm.
He also was very fast in doing edits in response to executive comments.
Also, he believes in and executes on the concept of "gift it forward.
He always has the will to execute and excel on the company strategy.
John - one of his favorite seniors can work independently without much assistance.
John provided insight and thoughtful recommendations that assisted our team in executing precisely.
As a senior executive, he has absolutely no air and is very easy to work for.
As a senior is always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport with the team.
Him thought leadership inspires personal transformation, even among the most senior executives.
John works incredibly hard to do right by all the executives he has assisted with their careers.
The icing on the cake is his outstanding ability to deliver clear presentations to senior executives.
As a result, he's seen as a keen provider of executive insight to those senior to him.
John led multiple senior executive searches for us, working directly with him in each case.
He's really the man when it comes to execution and definitely the first to jump into the troubled waters.
He goes above and beyond expectations and makes sure the vision is executed properly and on time.
John is bristling with innovative ideas and is so thorough, he likes to see them to execution.
He understands the complexities of execution and when it is time to get things done.
John exceeds expectations for organization, negotiation/pricing, and execution.
Moreover, no one executes more crisply - on the mark and on time - as he does.
He never stops to amaze him with his ability to innovate and execute.
He definitely knows how to execute and has a great time doing it.
His ability to organize, execute and deliver is very impressive.
He takes the time to explain things and execute them correctly.
John is an innovative thinker with the rare ability to execute.
As a result, senior executives not only respect his judgement, but regularly seek out his counsel.