Senior Marketing Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John consistently brings experiences/insights of having worked in different markets and in different senior roles.

And as a senior manager, he still finds time to keep right up to date with what's going on in digital marketing.

He connects well with senior management while maintaining perspective on what customer-facing marketers need.

His commitment and hands on involvement was invaluable, both to his senior management of his company.

John interacted well with all levels of the company, including senior management.

He's a very experienced senior executive that everyone will want as their manager, and every organization will want as their management.

John's work exceeded all his expectations and those of the other senior managers in the company.

The senior managers at each company in which we worked together valued his advice.

He's able to work under tremendous pressure/observation of senior management.

He worked extremely well with hiring managers and senior management.

John rapidly gained the experience and market savvy from this marketing role to poise him for global category management.

John shows tremendous leadership, both in marketing and team management.

He would make an excellent addition to any organization seeking a senior level marketer.

He has had a number of senior management and leadership roles in companies that he drove.

His background in marketing, in particular, allowed him to provide a strong external perspective to our senior management discussions.

John understood our market, and was able to manage both those who worked under him, but also to well represent the needs of his team of senior management.

Sometimes, he looked more senior than he was really, because of his not very long experience in the field market.

His strategic focus and marketing discipline ensured senior management embraced the launch with a substantial marketing investment.

At our company him contribution to the senior leadership team far exceeded his marketing mandate.

As a senior product marketing manager, his objective was to create marketing material for a worldwide audience.

He's a credible, senior level marketeer who is also very approachable and interested in the views of others.

A senior marketer who thinks broadly, knows his sector extremely well and delivers strong results.