Senior Product Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John organically creates a product culture which inspires those new to product management to act at the top of their abilities.
John doesn't just talk about productivity and time management, but he lives it out.
He excelled at managing and documenting the product requirements.
John worked for him as a senior product manager and was a cornerstone of his team.
His management style of doing what you love shows in the products and the culture of his company.
His ability to manage production on a large scale is unmatched.
He could summarize the situations to the senior managers and he could go into granular depth if required.
The knowledge he possesses about products surpasses many that are many years more senior to him.
Half of the product management team he created had no official prod might experience and all are now competent product managers.
As a product manager, he often took a hands-on approach and successfully released several versions of our product.
He is the product manager for the fastest growing product, and he helped his team beat all their targets consistently.
He managed and succeeded in a difficult environment between engineering, product management, internal senior management and external customer/partner bank senior management.
His management style is open and clarity is always provided both to team members and senior management.
His leadership ensured the product was on time and required no intervention by senior leadership.
Added to this, his ability to vision how a product should shape up and filling in the shoes of product manager when needed was highly commendable.
He also brought a great methodology around product management that helped us get new products out the door that had been stalled for a while.
John's Telco product management background was attractive, however the role wasn't quite the right for him at the time.
John is an ideal product manager in that he would take feedback seriously and in a timely manner.
His role puts him in charge of managing changes to our entire suite of products.
John managed to manage both internal and outsource team to get the product done.
He managed his expectations throughout the process and never over sold the product.
He's great at managing and clearly defining realistic timelines and has the guts to challenge the constant rush we all get as product managers from senior management and executives.
Blending creativity and productivity is something that he manages to bring to the table consistently.
His management style was one that was completely conducive to productivity through creativity.
He made him not only a better product manager, but a better person.
He keeps the senior management well informed of all the activities.
Being young and aspirational, it was always important for him to be inspired by the senior management within the organisation.
He's a world-class senior product strategy/management/marketing professional.
For him, this has meant more productive employees and less time spent managing them.
John provided guidance and leadership in both product and program management.
He's a senior-level asset to anyone's production organization.
As a product manager, he is focused, understands him product & leverages its potential to benefit the end user.
He succeeded in creating the required expertise of the domain, thus managing the associated product(s) and their roadmaps.
In particular his audition, production and management of the company quarterly newsletter were a highlight.
Even better, he has been helpful with 'all the small things' that many product managers prefer to avoid.
He's grown into an extremely seasoned product manager, and any company would be lucky to have him.
John's management style promoted productivity while relinquishing where micromanagers often fail.
John came aboard as a product manager, and his role became pivotal as the company grew.
He knows how to manage and would be a great product leader at any company.
When he was transitioned to work on a new product offering for the company he handled it with great success despite the decision by senior management to suit the product down.
He built the product management practice, we used in our work.
What he brings to the table is beyond essential senior management, he takes any idea and makes it flourish.
As a manager, he is inspirational, and despite his seniority, not afraid to roll his sleeves up.
He is not only an inspirational leader but he is a visionary senior manager.
John took the time to understand our needs and then delivered a product that himself and management could not have been happier with.
His ability to manage risks helped in successfully delivering the product.
A bright product manager, knows his way with technology, assertive and profound, clear visioned manager.
Him fortes were programming, promotions and production management.
Because of this, he is known as a very approachable senior manager internally as well as externally.
He's very good at managing both senior internal and external stakeholders.