Senior Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He sold us on the concept, and then served as the digital visionary and senior project manager.

He is respected by his colleagues, architects, senior management, project managers and everyone he worked with.

His role as senior project manager allowed him the opportunity to grow as well as to teach others project management methodologies, specifically risk management, scheduling and budgeting.

The senior and hiring managers were very sorry to have him leave and they would rehire him immediately.

He's down to earth, and doesn't have the aloof manner of many senior managers out there.

He excelled at managing all of his stakeholders, including those senior to him.

Some of his ideas were found truly remarkable by the company's senior management.

It is no surprise that he now finds himself in a senior management role.

John is a great senior manager and he has his strong recommendation.

John is a fantastic example of what a senior manager should be.

John will no doubt grow into a very successful senior manager.

During the project he stayed in touch to make sure we were happy with the progress, with our project manager and the communication.

His project management is of the highest calibre, but the way in which he communicates his projects really stands out.

On top of that he is a senior manager and trust him to lead your projects towards success.

His ownership of projects and multi-tasking with many senior management and peers were greatly appreciated.

He demonstrated great enthusiasm, and project management as it related to many variables of the project.

He also interacts really well with both senior and middle management and is very comfortable with cross-cultural and cross-functional project management.

John earned the respect of all the stakeholders, including the project team and the senior management.

Although he was one of the senior managers, but none in the organization ever hesitated to talk to him.

He has been an example to him and given him valuable advice, but he also gave him the chance find his bearing as a project manager on his own, despite being his senior in many ways.

As a senior manager, he showed a strong ability to sell, scope and track the project.

John has an excellent overview of this project, with his senior personality, he managed it very well.

John drives projects forward with clear priorities and effective communication out to senior management.

He is an excellent and talented senior project manager, able to manage multiple streams of activity, keep on top of all aspects of the projects he's involved with and ensures the smooth delivery of those projects.

His follow through expeditiously, and made sure candidates were presented to senior management.

Professional, organised and considerate he is a senior manager that other managers can engage with and depend upon.

He gave him great advice on his projects and styled his senior collection.

He is dedicated and he was trusted by senior management on critical and confidential, high-priority projects.

He understands the other dimensional aspects for senior management positions so as to have the right fitment.

Has ability to put across his point across to the senior management- especially when they say 'just do it'.

John sometimes stepped up to cover for his senior managers while maintaining very challenging targets.

His desire to be successful makes him an excellent candidate for any senior management position.

On a consecutive project we worked together, where he acted as his senior project manager.

In the same way, he had influenced different senior managers around the globe in order to work together and make very valuable projects.

During his employment, the project was progressing according to plan and the company senior management was satisfied with the progress.

John can manage a project from start to finish with little oversight and did an excellent job keeping senior management updated on his progress along the way.

John is engaged to bring together our senior management team.

John knows how to partner with hiring managers, recruiters and senior management keep us on all on track.

These were high profile projects that were scrutinized closely by both his clients and our company senior management.

He evaluated many different options, selected the best one for the organization and then got buy-in from senior management.

He interfaced with various senior stakeholders within the organization and managed them effectively.

He sold his ideas to senior management and drove his priorities through the organization.

He's always been available, as a senior manager, motivator, mentor, and friend.

John would also take a close interest in the projects and could also be relied upon to help when required, dealing with barriers and other issues - particularly with senior management in other organisations.

He is a true "company comes first, hard-hat on" type senior manager that is very passionate about any project that he undertakes.

John worked closely with senior management and his management peers to help ensure project success where possible.

As a project manager, he takes complete control and makes every project a success.

John used creative ways to represent the project progress to senior management.

His work while taking the reigns of the trailing project in his hands and bringing it on track was especially appreciated by senior management.

While he was not his direct manager, he was the senior leader on several projects we worked on together.

With his win-win attitude and transparent communication he effectively managed the project at the senior management level.

Additionally, he project managed our team quite tightly, driving us to complete the project ahead of schedule.

As a senior project manager of the company he is extremely keen to deliver real values.

John not only proved himself as an excellent project manager, but also his leadership qualities were imperative to the success of the project.

He's highly strategic and manages senior stakeholders with ease.

A fast tracker he becomes a senior manager and one of the sort after project leads on all our engagements.

He understands and did a great job as a project manager and would do everything in his power to keep the project on track.

This was presented with confidence to both himself and senior management that adoption was not a concern.

He consistently achieved the challenging goals that were set for him by senior management.

Him ability to gain respect from senior management gets the job done.