Senior Sales Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Senior Sales Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

As someone like him that has only worked for sales executives in the past, this was a very new insight.

This is a balance that is rare in senior executives, in his experience.

John will without any doubt, add great value to any organization as a senior executive.

His insightful guidance has always been appraised by colleagues and senior executives.

He definitely executed on deals and put the prospect at ease during the sales cycle.

His ability to run a complex, global sales motion at the senior executive level was fantastic.

He presents himself extremely well and knows how to handle executives at the most senior level.

He really knows how to bring out the best in sales executives and is extremely passionate about his work.

He excels in his sales executive role and works to the best of his ability.

He is very hands on for a senior executive and has lots of passion for what he does.

His leadership amongst his peers has helped make him a successful sales executive.

He truly sets a high standard not only for senior legal executives but also for senior business executives.

Despite having the gravitas and presence essential for a senior executive, he remains down to earth.

He also introduced him to senior executives that offered thoughtful advice and priceless connections.

His confident manner earns him credibility with everyone from foot-soldiers to senior executives.

He introduced us to the senior executive and thanked the guys for putting in the long hours.

He's a very bright, honest and humble senior executive that really makes a difference.

John deals equally confidently with senior executives and subject-matter-experts.

He thrives with both technical and senior executive audiences.

Him and his team have helped him recruit from recent college grads, to senior sales executives.

Joymarie is a passionate and dedicated senior-level sales executive who consistently over-delivers to his clients.

He plans and executes the sales cycle ruthlessly and his will and desire to ensure the sale is completed is unparalleled.

He not only increased sales, but also the quality of the deals executed.

John engaged with all levels of the organisation, from students to senior executives.

He carefully plans his sales campaigns and follows up with flawless execution.

His depth of experience across two countries provides a solid basis for his success as a senior sales executive.

John's global role meant that he had to work extensively with senior executives.

By focusing on really adding value in the sales cycle, he truly gains the trust and respect of the executives.

He knows what technology companies need for sales executives and delivers exactly that.

He provided insight and direction in how to pursue our strategy for sales execution.

As a sales executive he has been an excellent advocate for his clients.

His ability to engage at a senior executive level and also focus on execution enables him to truly add value.

Included in that has been his ability to execute on creating a marketing approach, executing on that approach, and then performing sales execution on those prospective companies.

John is an action oriented sales executive that was always able to achieve sales targets and at the same time keep expenses in line.

John would be an excellent addition to any team in a senior executive role.

He's comfortable both in large-company and senior executive team settings.

John is a shining example of what senior sales executives competing in difficult international marketplaces need to aspire to.

John is a first-rate sales executive-dynamic, energetic, and creative.

His credibility comes from his successful experience as a senior executive in both operations and sales.

John is memorable and valuable in client meetings and resonates well with senior executives.

John provided leadership and modeling of the sales culture for his troops as well as his executive peers.

His clarity and focus, combined with an amiable demeanor, make him stand out among sales executives.

John's strengths are he is a senior sales executive with a proven track record in leading sales teams and consistently exceeding sales quotas.

John is also very willing to challenge overly-dominant, senior executives in a very positive and impactful way.

John established credibility and a strong reputation within the senior executive ranks of his own organisation.

John is a senior executive who possesses all the acumens that you would expect at his level and more.

John's approach to leadership is very refreshing and difficult to find at the senior executive level.

John's unique ability to balance firmness with positive synergy makes him an ideal senior executive.

Simply put, if he ever offers to be your adviser, mentor, senior executive, guru, take him up on it.

John is an accomplished senior executive, he sees the big picture, and embraces a challenge.

He is adept at senior executive counsel and deputised for him in a number of scenarios.

He does his homework and executes his sales plans that result in consistent success.

Taking this he forms a sales strategy and execute it with his team.

John is a consummate sales professional with all the attributes that you would expect a successful senior executive to have.

He has been successful in sales by being a knowledgeable and service oriented sales executive.

John is a results-oriented senior sales executive with the ability to inspire loyalty in his entire organization from bottom to top.

John company that is looking for a sales leadership, executive, who can roll up his sleeves, should be happy to have him.

He is a great sales executive who goes the extra mile to close deals and help others be successful.

As a sales executive, he displays leadership, persistence and consistency in achieving targets.

His leadership as a sales executive established him as a valuable addition to any company.