Small Business Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Small Business Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has been helping him with his small translation business.

We have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent mentor and business consultant.

His experience in large and small business provides diversity that is very rare in business today.

Very experienced and well liked by all colleagues for his enthusiasm for small business and their problems.

You know you have someone who is there to help you, as a small new business, we found what he bought for us invaluable.

John goes out of his way to help others achieve remarkable results within their small businesses.

We hired him right away and was soon incorporated into many of the aspects of our small business.

Clearly, he knows what he is talking about and is incredibly effective for small businesses.

Although new to the business he picked up so fast that he made even the veterans look small.

He loves small businesses and knows how to help them navigate the challenges.

John's passion to help entrepreneurs & small businesses is next to none.

John, quite frankly, is the small business entrepreneur's best friend.

He clearly knows small and solo business with all it's fun and foibles.

His passion for small business comes with his heartfelt recommendation.

John offers an excellent for any small business looking for exposure.

Doesn't matter how busy he is or how small your problem seems to be.

John, and his company, have been a huge help for his small business.

Helping small businesses succeed and grow is what he does best.

John's enthusiasm for small business, combined with his depth of knowledge about small business issues, was very helpful.

He is a hub of resources and contact for any small business and will do whatever he can to help your business.

John works with small business and shows step by step how making your business profitable.

He provided much needed advice and consultation at a crucial time in our business.

His consultative approach ensures the outcome always truly meets business needs.

As evidenced by his running several small businesses at the same time.

He understands that small businesses are often cash constrained.

He also provides great advice for many areas of small business.

He said he just wanted to connect with other small business owners to collaborate on small business issues, topics, and challenges.

His diligence and pursuit of getting the job done are what makes him the choice for many of our business consulting needs.

He helped him both with his job search, and with his exploration into setting up his own consulting business.

He has an innate understanding of small businesses and how to serve them, and he has used that understanding to build our small business consulting program from scratch.

John experience in various business ventures has given him the insight to provide excellent consulting in the key areas of small businesses.

With his recent success in small business, he is now an incredibly well rounded business professional, with a perspective ranging all the way from large multi-nationals to small business.

He knows the business client front and back when he provides consultation.

His presentation yesterday was very beneficial for any small business.

His teachings can help any business in any sector great or small.

John is an inspiration for him, as a small business owner and as a consultant, as well as everyone that he comes in contact with.

He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your business.

He understands our business model and makes consultative recommendations based on our needs.

John helped him turn his passion to create a small consulting business into a reality.

John's experience with other small businesses means that he was very quickly able to be fully aware of the needs of his business.

John's in-depth background in business consulting is a great resource for any business owner.

His ability to really help small businesses and entrepreneurs leverage the power of apps to enhance their business is second to no one.

John's understands what it takes to run a business and ensures that the coverage meets the needs of our small business.

He is not just good at one thing, he is good at everything, particularly is helping small businesses be more successful.

His ability to do this is uncanny, priceless - especially in small businesses and one that cannot be taught.

His passion for helping small businesses fulfill their dreams comes across in everything he does.

We are a small business & he took on board our needs and we were very pleased with the result.

His articles were clear and useful for anyone on the path to small business success.

Bright, positive and thorough he makes a tremendous addition to any small business.

Him constant observation of small things that bought big changes to the business.

There is not much about running a business small and large that he doesn't know.

John has proven he understands small business and the challenges they face.

No one is more of an advocate of entrepreneurship and small business than him.

He responds to all business matters, big and small, with particular urgency.

He took our business from our small, inadequate website, revamping it twice.

From now on, he's the go-to gal for his small business promotional items.

His insights and advice is spot on, as he is the small business expert.

John has, in one spreadsheet, simplified the way a small business run.

If you've got a small business, you're eager to see grow, he's your man.

His dream to revolutionize the way small businesses grow will happen.