Social Media Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

What struck him is the fact that whether we like it or not, we are already participating in the world of social media.
You have given him a constant face across his website and social media.
Many of his social media efforts could easily be labeled as diseased.
The course was his entree into the world of social media, which after completing, has become one of his greatest passions.
He covered everything from the spiritual and emotional needs of the unemployed to the basic how-to of social media.
John is also recognised for his leadership within social media and aesthetics where he stands out from the crowd.
And he is paramount in inspiring you to get more involved in social media and showing you how it's done right.
Every day he has something positive and reflective to share with him (and everyone else) using social media.
He'll show you there is nothing to fear and everything to gain by diving into social media the right way.
He explained that to really get your audience of your company's attention, social media is the way to go.
It's obvious he keeps up with the rapid changes in social media and adapts him message to his audience.
John is also versed in the latest social media methods and he used them to increase our awareness.
This makes him not only a hilarious and enjoyable colleague, but an even better social media guru.
This is not the norm for social media, and it puts him in the top percentage for responsiveness.
Some of the topics about social media are still hard to discuss, but this man knows his stuff.
He's truly an expert in social media and any company would be extremely lucky to have him.
His ease of using social media to get the attention of prospective companies is incredible.
John conducted a social media session for his company and it was exactly what we needed.
John really understands social media and any company could not go wrong in hiring him.
His articles and messages in the social media are very effective and inspiring many.
John started with a know nothing social media nitwit like him and brought him of age.
His passion and dedication towards the social media subject is highly inspiring.
John took portrait pictures of him for his website, blog and social media pages.
We met via him social media presence and have grown that initial connection.
John delivered a social media workshop to some colleagues of mine.
John single-handedly put his company on the social media map.
He embraced social media, and brought the entire company along.
He shared true value versus a trite overview of social media.
John brought our non-profit into the spotlight with redeveloping our website and pulling us into social media.
Thanks to his presentation our members understood the value that social media can be to them.
Clients love him and he speaks with authority & insight on social media.
John is certainly the expert on social media (or he correctly calls it, social networking).
He excels at social media strategy, planning, social media events and writing content, both socially or optimized for websites.
John truly knows social media and took the time to really dig deep and understand our company.
He provided clear and helpful guidance as we entered into the world of social media.
This applies to everything he does on behalf of a client - not just social media.
Among his many talents, he is also an inspiring speaker on social media topics.
He seems to have a natural talent for taking advantage of social media.
He helped him realize the power, impact and necessity of social media.
If you are like him you are a little afraid of social media and the seeming complexity of how everything works.
His knowledge of social media amazes him, and he knows exactly what to do to get results fast.
John is very ambitious in his work, and it is apparent that he enjoys social media.
John will help you break down the misconceptions and fear on how social media works.
He explained everything to him and vastly improved his social media presence.
His passion for social media is contagious and clearly evident in his work.
John blew him away with his knowledge about make-up, fashion, social media.
He also is an expert in social media and very enjoyable to work with.
John worked with him briefly to bring him into the social media age.
John is a very creative blogger and he's amazing with social media.
He's also very knowledgeable when it comes to website architecture and social media.
John should have a social media all-star in his job title, because that's what he is.
He is somewhat of a social media expert which he ties into his job seamlessly.
His expertise in the social media and internet commerce is unmatched.
He also provides short and simple solutions to social media strategy.
He uses social media as a tool for connection instead of as the main source, something many social gurus get wrong.
With his simple and approachable character he is definitely someone you can go to and you will find someone to help you in social media matters.
He shares his expertise in a way that makes the subject clear which is useful to someone like him who struggles with social media.
John provided an excellent and comprehensive course that covered all of the necessities to start using social media efficiently.
John came out of nowhere and did a complete overhaul on our social media presence - which we were desperately in need of.
John is very good at what he does and totally knows his way around the internet, websites and social media outlets.