Social Media Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Running his own social media consultancy business can be stressful and hectic.

Please don't hesitate to contact him for more information on this incredible social media consulting company.

They grew his social media from the ground up, building a strong following on all of his social profiles.

It's always amazed him how social media connects you with the right people when you want it to.

John truly understands social media and is coming into his own quickly with analytics.

But don't let him southern charm fool you, he is a savvy social media consultant that practices what he preaches.

His expertise in social media engagement was only exceeded by his technical knowledge of the various social media channels.

His practical knowledge of social media was clear to see and he helped embed the foundations for the social media team.

Immediately, he impressed upon him his deep passion and love for social media and specifically social recruiting.

He showed an immediate understanding of who our users actually are, and how we could better target them through social media.

More importantly, he was willing to experiment and, hence, push the boundaries of to do on social media.

His passion for social media and talking and seeing through his own experiences is impressive.

He also has a stellar list of past experiences, especially with social media.

His expertise in the social media arena is in his experience second to none.

Watch this guy if you want to see what's next in social - he's probably already doing it.

Not only is he in the know, he uses his "social capital" to help others.

This allows him to contribute in more ways than just through social.

John has established himself as an expert on all things social.

The photographs that he took were fabulous and have already helped to increase his profile on social media.

His writing, his ideas are at the forefront of all social media and his enthusiasm is infectious.

John saved him time and got him over the hurdle of setting up his social media profiles.

He also keeps up with the ever-changing world of social media and best practices.

During his time with us, we witnessed dramatic growth in our social media audience.

John taught him so much about social media in a short period of time.

John provided him a very insightful analysis of his current social media footprint.

He knows how to make the complicated social media applications easy to understand.

He clearly knows how to think ahead of the "game" - he introduced "gamification" as the next step to take with social media.

John's bubbly personality comes through him social media posts.

John is a mine of information on all aspects of social media.

In addition, he avidly connects with others and encourages them through various social media channels.

Over the years he has addressed thousands of people on various topics around social media.

People are so inspired by his twisted stories and social media tips.

He provides the vision and socializes it across the organization.

John is the right man to help your organization be more social.

He would be the person to consult if you want to market your social media platform.

John also has a great understanding of social media and branding, which was appreciated.

If you need help with succeeding in social media, you need to give him a call.

He would also make an excellent consultant for any organisation looking for one on one technical advice on navigating the world of social media.

John's energy, expertise, and enthusiasm shined through both as our social media consultant and as a workshop presenter.

He also helped us with organizing our social media campaigns without any desire for valuable returns.

As a fellow social media consultant and partner on various projects, he is his go-to expert.

But beyond his intellectual capabilities, his moral compass elevate him in the social media space.

Still, he is open to fresh ideas and iterates his way to social media success, as it should be.

John helped him with improving his copy and positioning on social media.

This gives greater authority and credibility to his strategic media consultancy.

His personable approach delivers the trust of working with the right social media consultant.

Sometimes that thing is social, and he just talks to the right people.

He is always helpful to people around him and is very social.

He is passionate about any work he does and that especially comes forth in him social media work.

John's consultancy includes social media and online marketing strategies.

He truly supported us moving the use of social media to the next phase.

John provides us with ongoing social media and infographics support.

He tailored the workshop so we were able to focus on how we could make the most of social media in our own areas.

His expertise in social media, monitoring, listening and publishing is unsurpassed.

He made it accessible, practical and explained the "why" behind social media.

If you need to increase your social media track record and profitability, then he must be your choice.

He gets social media and is comfortable navigating the ever-changing landscape.

His social media prowess is a solid proof of his performance.

Describing him as someone who 'gets social' would really be underselling what he offers.

The first impression would be that he is extremely social as an individual.