Social Media Coordinator LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John doesn't only talk about social media he puts it to very good use.

He helps him to find the right way in the big social media world.

John is also a self-confessed social media junky #outstanding.

He will make a big difference to your social media capability.

John is an inspirational speaker and a social media evangelist.

This morning was the “aha” moment for social media for him.

John is a sharp, insightful, social media teacher/aficionado.

He understands every nuance social media in an actionable way.

John has been an amazing force behind our company's social media and he will be missed.

John's expansive knowledge of new media was instrumental in creating our social media initiative.

He uses his network, social media, and coordinates across departments to solve problems.

With his passion for anything social, he organised an event for anyone who wanted to learn more about social media.

When he came to us, we were not using social media to their fullest potential - to our detriment because our base is very well-connected.

He provided an insight on the various methods of social media and how they can be used to supplement and complement each other.

John is also very social media savvy, if there is anything happening on twitter or around the blogosphere, he knows about it.

His recent interest is understanding the social media space and he makes sure to surprise everyone with how much he knows.

If you are looking for an expert with a passion for everything social media for nonprofits, he is your man.

John's pragmatic approach to the use of social media has given him great credibility with his audiences.

John is clearly passionate about social media and always contributing ideas, he never ran out of them.

Yes, he knows social media and yes, he has great tips and ideas, but more than that he walks the talk.

Really inspired him to want to make a difference with social media and to stand out from the crowd.

In a world where social media is everything, his insights truly made all the difference for him.

He's passionate about social media and isn't afraid to explore new and exciting opportunities.

Then he had immediate tips on podcasting, social media and geared toward reaching his audience.

John's class was very helpful for us, he seems to have a great understanding of social media.

This was definitely reflected in his role of selecting songs and helping with social media.

He also provided us with a wealth of contacts to ease us into the world of social media.

John's expertise in social media and blogging were a massive help to the organisation.

He understands traditional methods and has immersed himself in the social media scene.

Working with him has helped increase our social media presence, relevance, and popularity.

He gave insights on various social media platforms and ways to use them effectively.

He brought someone (him) out of the dark ages on the subject of using social media.

Besides, his social media expertise and reach on twitter & Facebook is phenomenal.

John recently delivered a number of seminars for us on the topic of social media.

John brings an effective perspective to sorting the options in social media.

He perfectly understands social media reality and always goes the extra mile.

John created his interest in social media and led him to create his own blogs.

John took him from social media ignoramus to savvy in a matter of minutes.

John offers a straightforward and no nonsense approach to social media.

His love and passion for social media shines brightly in every lesson.

He constantly keeps on top of new ideas and social media changes.

John is a brilliant social media expert on multiple platforms.

John expertly filled the role of social media coordinator for his company's marketing.

He coordinated all our branding and messaging over different social media sites and hardcopy materials.

His deep knowledge of social media platforms and how to integrate various social media channels for maximum leverage was astonishing.

His presentation on social media was in depth and knowledgeable.

His interest lies in social media, social responsibility, and leading change.

John can mentor many on how to use social media and is someone who understands the power of amplification.

He carefully walked us through the different ways to use these social media to achieve our objective.

John's expert understanding of social media was amply evident and he did a fantastic job of ensuring that everyone walked out with a new learning about social media.

John's style of teaching is to get you to think about how you want to use social media and what things will make your life easier.

His capability to coordinate participating companies, organizations, and media were remarkable.

Follow him on social media for generous and invaluable pointers.

Still, he makes time to socialize and can be found to be well-humored.

His passion for social media and brand awareness is contagious.

He keeps him on track and is very proactive with his social media and client interactions.

John constantly updates and motivates and engages with all his social media connections.

John built a successful digital and social media strategy and coordinated the various social channels to achieve the most impact.

His passion for social media is apparent in his work, and he is an incredible resource for all things social.

John introduced him to the new and exciting world of social media which we all know we should make the most of but it takes some of us well out of our comfort zone.