Social Media Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John turned things around and managed the media circus for us and to our advantage.

John knows more about social media that anyone needs to know and lives and breathes it every second of his day.

John has done an incredible job of managing our social media campaign for our taxi companies.

John is my go-to person for advice on media strategies, both traditional and social media.

He can do wonders for anyone looking to learn how to use social media more effectively.

I learn from him daily through his inspiration and value he provides on social media.

He is also using social media in an excellent way where he is applying what he learn.

I highly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn about social media.

He's excellent with social media and stays on top of current trends, yet he can focus on print media and traditional media when warranted.

He was always friendly and professional, which you come to expect from a social media manager.

He is an influencer in social media and when he has put his mind to something, he can make anything happen.

He is also quite the social media maven which is just one of the many credentials he brings to the table.

John realized the need to organize & gather together those who were passionate about social media.

With his connections in social media and broadcasting, he will get you exposure immediately.

Not only is he an expert in social media, he is also wise beyond his years and very innovative.

John also guided me through some of the nuances of social media throughout our burst campaign.

His understanding of all things interactive and social media is impressive to say the least.

John has given me insight and guidance to transition into the world of social media.

He is kept updated on what's new on the social media scene and always strives to innovate.

I recently engaged him to re-purpose some of our blogs into social media infographics.

John keeps up with the changes in social media so his students can continue to succeed.

But we have been connected on social media for some time now (on different platforms).

John has completely re-invented our social media campaign and has made it come alive.

As someone of the age of social media himself, his advice and insights are reliable.

John is an innovator in social media who isn't distracted by hype or complexity.

Highly recommend him if you or your organization needs a social media makeover.

His mastery of the career management and social media topics he covered was clearly obvious.

He created amazing social media campaigns, managed them fully and got me great results.

John has been managing social media for my company for some time and has achieved excellent results.

John introduced my educational companies and managers in the world of social media.

John is truly a social media guru, pushing the boundaries of what you can do with the medium, all the while teaching others how to embrace social.

I have always been inspired by his enthusiasm for and knowledge of social media.

John has just made an awesome video for me to use on my social media profiles.

John has an aptitude for communication and social media management that makes him stand out from the rest.

His knowledge of social media, social interaction, and his compassion speak volumes.

He has his finger on the pulse of both new media and traditional media and knows how to manage a team.

He not only teaches about the social media tools that are out there for your use, but he really makes you think about why and how to use them.

John makes social media interesting and exciting by doing it all for you or teaching you to do it yourself.

He demystifies social media and makes it accessible to those of us who are baffled by it all.

He is both highly approachable and accessible, and never oversells on social media.

From day one, he had an immediate positive impact on our social media presence.

John gets the role of social media in sports and is very good at what he does.

Whether through traditional media, new media, or emerging social networking vehicles, there is no media channel which escapes his attention.

It's fair to say he was speaking to social media sceptics as well as those who were already converted, and he managed to address both.

John is extremely knowledgeable about social media, strategy and the detail of it too, he's really helped me get more out of my time on all social media platforms.

He provides excellent examples and path our way to better manage brand mentions through the social media space.

John was our social media manager for a speaker event we organized last year.

He was responsible for the website and managing all our social media accounts.

Innovative and creative, he produces stellar media campaigns and is a trailblazer in social media management.

He clearly lives and breathes social media - let him show you how to use it in your organization.

He made him content relevant for both beginners in social media like me as well as high level enough for individual more sophisticated in social media.

John was responsible for designing both content and social media strategies, as well as managing the blog and social media channels.

John goes above and beyond his board duties, helping to socialize shelter dogs and even promoting them via social media.

His enthusiasm for showing others how to effectively use social media is only matched by his expertise.

His counsel and advice regarding the use of social media was not only very effective, but much appreciated.

John has enabled me to utilize very successfully many different social media platforms confidently.

He also definitely has a knack of the social media space and delivering on the needs of bloggers.

I think he will be (if he isn't already) one of the names to watch in the future of social media.

Also, he described all the social media types available in a fashion everyone could understand.

John came to our small not-for-profit to help to a "facelift" on our website and social media.