Social Media Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Finally someone who can speak social media to his "old" brain.
Like many who grew up with technology, social media was nothing new to him.
Thanks so much for all your help with getting his business out into the world of social media.
He opened his eyes to how we can use social media in general.
John embodies what it means to be a strong social media marketing specialist.
John's passion for social media is as infectious as his personality.
John taught about the importance and proper use of social media in today's environment.
He clearly recognizes the importance of keeping current on social media trends.
His social media lectures are great for both novice and experts alike.
Also, he's extremely detail oriented and organized which made his job as his social media specialist so much easier.
John's meteoric rise in the world of social media is well documented.
His passion for social media and for him customer comes through in everything he does.
His sense of humor is infections and he is a master of social media.
His passion for service and making a difference in the world through social media is what made him want to be a social media expert too.
He knows the real value of social media - making true connections.
Showing him hootsuit and the benefits of using all the social media tools individually.
John cuts through much of the social media 'clutter' with him training courses.
John knows what he's doing, understands media, is clued in, and can see beyond the immediate issues.
With all his years in the media, he understands who we are looking for and makes the connection.
He's been ahead of the curve in new media and where that is going and how to leverage it.
Whatever he is involved, whatever media, is sure to be first class and groundbreaking.
In all of his years in the media, he is one of the very few that really stand out.
John knows what media outlets want, and he knows how to deliver it to them.
John knows the media, he has all the contacts necessary and he has a gift.
His networking with the media also came very useful during the launch phase.
John and have found him to be one of the visionaries of online media.
John's passion for and understanding of new media are truly outstanding.
His media background is vast he always knows the right thing to do.
His understanding and foresight with new media is quite exceptional.
And most importantly, he knows how to get desired media coverage.
John is incredibly bright, and fluent in all things new media.
John knows new/interactive media in a way that few others do.
John worked as the electronic media specialist for his company.
His experience in both social media and entertainment helped us think about how we could grow the show.
He brings an incredible amount of experience and expertise to social media.
He helped him learn and navigate through all the social media tools.
John really understands social media and the applications they can have for business and social enterprise.
John spoke at our social media event and provided an engaging and informative overview of social media and how best to use all the tools that are out there.
His grasp of the ever evolving social media environment is second to none and he continues to amaze him in this space.
Him social media exposure and activities has really increased over the time we have been in touch.
His tips and wisdom on social media are unique, practical and very entertaining.
He provides invaluable insight into the world of social media and technology.
He is a technological wizard where social media is concerned.
Plus he understands the value and balance of all types of promotions from social media to webinars to traditional advertising media.
He gives a great overview of social media in business and how to grow your business using social media.
He truly knows and understands how social media can be used from the business perspective.
John knows his way around social media and the business world like you wouldn't believe.
He's very in tune with social media and how it can help grow your business.
Him business advice is second to none, as is his social media expertise.
His ability to create engaging media for our social media efforts increased our reach on a consistent basis.
A good example of his leadership is the work that he did to establish our social media governance.
He gets the platform of social media and is uniquely positioned to leverage that knowledge.
John knows his social media, and not just what the tools are, but how the tools work.
John's social media prowess has been incredibly helpful to our community.
He's a specialist generalist in the world of new media and online applications of social responsibility.
John provided targeted social media training for his clients.
John has always been ahead of the curve - he's an acknowledged authority on all things media.
His enthusiastic personality is infectious, particularly when it comes to his passion for social media.
His creativity and perspective on social media is refreshing and an exciting tale.
If you are looking for a dynamic social media speaker, he is your go to person.