Social Media Strategist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Media Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John keeps him up to date on all breaking social media strategies.

John's expertise in social media has enabled him to establish a clear strategy for the use of social media in his businesses.

He really understands what a company needs to position themselves and get results with social media.

He provides suggestions and strategies for making the most of all of your social media platforms.

John's enthusiasm of and dedication to social media is hard to miss and impossible to ignore.

Previous to his coming on board, there was little to no traction on the social media strategy.

John spoke to his class this semester on social media and strategy.

He will give you the most out of any social media related scenario.

Lastly, he's motivating both in the classroom and via social media channels.

John and his team helped us tremendously - not only by helping us with social media posting and sending out emails, but also by teaching us how to keep up our social media presence.

Recently he has helped him with his social media, helping with content.

His social media training will help anyone understand the real way that social media can work for you, including both what to do and what to avoid.

He's tapped into the latest social trends and technology and social media come naturally to him.

He really understands new forms of social media and helps others do so as well.

His tips for using social media have proved invaluable to him as well.

He is really social and when committed to something, he won't let you down.

He's got a knack for social media and collaboration that he's shared throughout our organization.

John's lecture was very informative on all things social media.

Not only does he unweave the mystery behind social media, he makes it work for you and your company.

If you need someone to help you get your story on video and on social media, book him.

John's philosophy on social media is intelligent and thoughtful, just like he is.

He answered every question and him knowledge of social media was compelling.

If you need the web expert/technologist in social media, he's the man.

If you want to understand how social media works, he can show you.

John is a very friendly and knowledgeable social media expert.

In this capacity, he was our social media presence on the web.

He will get the job done, whatever your needs in social media, he is the guy you want on your team.

John definitely gets this dude to speak at his next social media event.

John's social-savvy and knack for making even the most complicated data and concepts easy to understand make him an exceptional social media strategist.

His creativity, persistence and understanding of how to use social media are unrivaled.

Furthermore, he knows as no other how to leverage social media & his extensive network.

John helped him very much in getting his social media networking up to speed.

He showed him how to grow his network through the use of social media.

For those of us who are already using social media, he provided useful tips for building on it and making the most of it.

He also can help you with cover letters and all the nuances of job search using social media.

His solution delivers value for companies trying to make sense of the new social media wave.

If, like him, you are a social media neophyte, his teachings are a must to get you started.

He can teach you how to maneuver social media with an amazing amount of patience.

His lecture regarding social media strategy in business use was very helpful.

John knows social media, he gave a great presentation on the subject.

He guides novices gently through the correct use of social media while identifying the pitfalls, as well as giving insight into social etiquette.

His insights regarding social media and especially blogging were essential for our team.

John and his team serve as the mastermind behind his social media presence.

His grasp of social media is second to none and him drive to move us forward continues today.

He really "gets" social media and has already become a local authority on the subject.

In addition, his work on social media has helped us to grow our reach and we are now attracting new customers from that social media audience.

This was his first major foray into online social media, and so, it was quite overwhelming at first.

A great overview of what you need to know about social media and strategy in a (ginger) nutshell.

John's dedication to and expertise in social media strategy is readily apparent.

He understands the value of creating a social media strategy that is authentic.

He continues to inspire him today with his knowledge of social media.

His knowledge of social media best practices is always current.

And to boot, he can permeate the social media layer with that content.

And he's one of the few social media experts who is even more engaging in person.

John, being looked upon as the global media strategist, is adept in dealing with both local and international media worldwide.

He put together an amazing curriculum that covered all the different social media platforms.

He knows websites, ranking algorithms, and social media extremely well.

John helped him realize the business and social potential of social media tools.

Now giving back to society thru his various social initiatives.

John is tenacious when it comes to getting out there in the social media world, he embraces it, studies it and then makes sure you shine in it.