Social Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Social Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His social skills are excellent and in his leisure time he was very skilled in preparing delicious cuisine.

John is not only capable, he has excellent social and organizational skills.

But what makes him different is the fact he, unlike the common geek, has great social skills.

His social skills and ability to co-ordinate is clearly evident even in his correspondence.

Moreover, his great social skills make him appreciate and esteemed by all the colleagues.

He was so much social guy, he always had a friendship irrespective of the cadre or skills.

I admire him especially for his social skills and the maturity he brings with him.

He is easily approachable, well-known in circles and has great socializing skills.

He is especially gifted with colossal interpersonal, empathy and social skills.

He has great social skills and can handle any situation very diplomatically.

His social skills also help in getting the most out of user requirements and preferences.

John also radiates positive energy to everyone around him and is very skilled socially.

During that time it came clear to me that he had outstanding managerial and social skills.

He also has incredible social and teamwork skills, which will take him far in his career.

His intellect and social skills far exceeded expectations towards the given tasks.

He is very organized, committed to his role and has excellent social skills.

Him abilities and social skills should allow him to be successful in many employment roles.

He is not afraid to go abroad to reach his goals, and has good social skills.

Especially his social skills helped him in this one year for us to be accepted and loved within our whole company.

What distinguish him from others are his social skills- he talks with anyone, anywhere and he is a great listener.

What makes his intellect unusual is how well it's harnessed to outstanding social and interpersonal skills.

His social skills help him handle complex situations and also get along with everyone around him.

This not only reinforces his social skills but shows his eager willingness to help others.

He also has the social skills and diplomatic ability to make any conference move smoothly.

John has an impressive intellectual capacity combined with excellent social skills.

He has effective listening skills which reflect his social and emotional awareness.

Thanks to his sense of humor and his social skills, we've got a relaxed workspace.

He combines in his character piece, smartness and an abundance of social skills.

He is friendly and has great social skills which will open many doors for him.

He is very skilled socially and has a wide breadth of contacts over the years.

John has the practical and social skills to always get the best out of people around him.

He had outstanding social skills which he could utilize to add value to his performance.

His passion and continuous drive are an example for everybody, he has right social skills and is a team player.

Above all, his vibrant and jovial social skills definitely make him an asset to any organization.

John has excellent social skills, which is why he has a strong rapport with all his clients.

Even after many years, he would meet and chat, social skills are highly learnable.

He is an extremely hardworking and organized individual with great social skills.

He also has very good social skills for face-to-face interaction with consumers.

He's responsible, fast, very well organized and has pretty good social skills.

His excellent social skills will make a valuable addition to any organization.

Communicates well, very skillful, he works hard, and is also pleasantly socially outgoing.

His work is quick and accurate, and his social skills make him well liked in the company.

It was inspiring working with him since he has great empathic and social skills.

Subsequently, he is proactive and has excellent communication and social skills.

His social skills are impressive and that including skills around social media and marketing as well.

He loves to mingle with different types of people with him extraordinary social skills.

He has great social skills which he uses by creating great negotiation opportunities.

He has great social and negotiating skills and would be an asset to any company.

Best of all, he's fun to have on the team due to his great socializing skills.

John is an innovative and dynamic entrepreneur with great attitude and social skills.

I highly recommend him for his outstanding social skills, attention to detail and multi-tasking skills.

He has exceptional interpersonal skills and quickly became one of the social hubs of the two classes he had with me.

I shouldn't forget to mention that he also has great social skills, nobody's more fun to be around.

His social skills are equally formidable which is abundantly apparent in the presence of others.

He has the skill set and social capital to tackle any perceived difficult assignment.

He has good social skills and organized several class gatherings with great success.

His strong social skills and sense of humor makes anyone on any level comfortable.

His social skills are impeccable and he relates well to kids as well as adults.

His good social skills will put him in good stead with his future colleagues.

He has strong social skills, is easy going and have a great sense of humour.