Soft Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Soft Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John would come to know about his knowledge in soft skills and behavioral skills.
He also brings the brightest skills in all his employees by helping them get better in their soft skills, while allowing them to grow exponentially with their main skills.
He takes your soft skills and your hard skills and aligns you with the perfect job.
John also had the soft skills that made him so effective in his job.
In addition to his exceptional soft skills, he is also very smart.
Him collaborative, soft and leadership skills are impeccable.
And of course, his excellent communication skills complement his many other leadership and soft skills.
At the same time, his soft skills are what make him truly stand out.
But the area where he excels is around him naturally soft skills.
While these soft skills are perhaps less important to some, we value them very highly in our company.
He understands the requirement and identifies the right candidate through his soft skills.
Besides the outstanding soft skills, he is truly an exceptional technologist/consultant.
John's soft skills can make the difference in a challenging environment.
John is also a very fast learner, and also has excellent soft skills.
Concerning his soft skills he is a great colleague and always helpful.
Technical expertise aside, his great soft skills don't hurt either.
He also has great soft skills which is always a welcome asset.
He has good collaboration abilities and is good at soft skills.
He consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, and exhibits not only exceptional hard skills but soft skills as well.
These hard skills and soft skills make him a valuable asset for any company or organization.
He is not only an expert in the law, he has the soft skills which really set him apart.
John has been highly interactive and participative in the soft skills sessions.
His right attitude and calm nature make him perfect in his soft skills.
John is a hard-working student, have good skill either soft or hard skill, every job he got is well done.
John taught him lots of skills: mailing, communication, soft-skills.
The other soft skills were always a challenge for him and this was holding him back, especially his peers.
He posses soft skills like no other and makes everyone around him feel appreciated and important.
This gave him the opportunity to demonstrate some of his excellent soft skills.
His soft skills are the key highlights when dealing with him.
What sets him apart is not just the mastery of the skills required for his current profile, but the behavioral & soft skills that he displays.
If you are like him you will find your pre-existing ideas about what soft skills are challenged.
John has the proper soft skills and demeanor to be successful in all endeavors he pursues.
John can have a pragmatic approach when needed and his soft skills are very good.
John has an open mind, he is success oriented with excellent soft skills.
Additionally, a right mix of soft skills makes him a valuable player.
His soft skills show his ability to outperform in rough environments.
He gained immense reputation due to his excellent soft skills.
Besides that, he has soft communication skills and is very reliable.
He possesses strong, soft skills, with both exceptional written and verbal communication skills.