Software Development Engineer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Software Development Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

For him, it was a breath of fresh air to have a leader in software engineering that had a long history of doing software development.

His software development skills are outstanding using sound engineering principles.

He developed a software development process which was invaluable and helped mature the engineering team in many ways.

He understands a lot about software development cycle, what to do when and what not to do.

John brings incredible depth and breadth of experience to the world of software development / software architecture.

He understood this and applied it by focusing on results and applying the best principles of software development.

He also allowed for plenty of freedom in his choices of how to solve particular software development challenges.

This makes him an effective leader of a software development division.

He comes from a strong engineering background and has developed a business acumen that compliments his understanding of software development.

John has extensive knowledge in software engineering, he is the guy you go to when you need help.

He wrote excellent documentation for both code and the software itself - something that easily gets ignored in the area of software engineering.

John truly understands enterprise software development and would be indispensable to any team.

His years of experience in software development make him robust and effective in any environment.

John's approach to software development is to do what can be done correctly during a defined time period.

Of particular note was his ability to bring in top-notch software developers to the organization.

Through his efforts and leadership, he built a software development organization from scratch.

His own abilities as a software engineer are top-notch - any company would be lucky to have him as a developer and mentor.

He's on the cutting edge of software engineering and consistently thinks outside the box.

He distinguished himself by consistently developing exceptionally well-engineered application software modules for our clients.

He passed him his great knowledge of software development with passion and pedagogy.

A very dedicated and detail oriented individual, he thrives on the passion he has for software engineering and solution development.

John's engineering expertise magnifies his ability to work with developers.

In his "fantasy football" software development team, he'd be one of his first picks.

Very well versed with software engineering best practices and was well respected among his peers.

He also developed training for software engineers on the subject of security awareness.

John is a creative software engineer who takes a personal pride in the usability and effectiveness of the software he develops.

In addition to software development, he also enjoys himself to learn different languages.

His solutions were made using sophisticated technics of software development.

John's team was responsible for developing a big chunk of our software.

He's comfortable with effective software engineering practices such as refactoring and patterns, which puts him in the upper echelon of developers.

John demonstrates a broad understanding of the software development lifecycle and is particularly adept at re-engineering a troubled organization.

John combined transformational thinking with innovative software engineering concepts.

John is a fantastic developer and engineer, who never shied away from complicated or challenging problems.

John has dedicated himself as a student of software engineering development processes, and particularly the scrum framework.

Consulting for a medium-speed diesel engine manufacturer had little to do with software development, but he embraced the challenge.

His strong understanding of software development and architecture allowed him to excel in his different positions.

It is easy to talk with him (developer point of view) when there is unpredictable exception happened in the software development life cycle.

He provided lots of valuable inputs and feedback in the software development and hardware enhancement.

His contribution was crucial in helping us get this very important software developed and implemented.

John is able to bring life into our software developing conferences that is not an easy task.

John excels in developing viable solutions by making full use of software capabilities.

John is a very talented software developer, a good teammate, and very detail oriented engineer.

He is a brilliant software development engineer and would clearly be a great asset for every tech team.

John drove the transformation of the software development organization with his vision, enthusiasm, and relentless determination.

John is extremely hardworking and remains cool and collected under the pressures of software development.

John is a dedicated and enthusiastic software developer, he constantly innovates and pushes the envelope.

He understands software project lifecycle and software development process inside out.