Software Development Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Software Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He managed a team of software developers in a very difficult environment.

These management qualities are very important to him as a software developer.

For someone that manages so many people as well as he does, he also has an unusually good understanding of technology and how software is developed.

John possesses the attention to detail that allows software developers to excel at their craft.

Also, he's a great professional and always has something to share with us about software development.

He managed complex software development pieces running backs of major e-commerce site.

He can manage on his own entire new software system/product development and lead the team.

He also understands the importance of the connections between career development, economic development, and workforce development.

Within his first week, he hopped into the fray, bringing order to our issue management software's workflow to comply with our software development practices.

John provided overall leadership for our division's contribution to the software developer community.

He developed and maintained the entire network and marks/results/attendance software.

The last few of those years he was the manager of a software development team who were his customers.

John took the challenge of managing a new team of software developers with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

Also, he is great at managing and nurturing, experienced software development teams in fast paced environments.

Under his management less experienced developers quickly grow up in their experience.

His vast experience in managing and developing strategies is invaluable.

He managed the project he did for us very well and completed the software development within time and budget.

John his a high level manager focused on developing robust software on time.

The man played a pivotal role in grooming and mentoring him into a software development management position.

John's talent developed and manage a new vision for the software development process within a small growing company.

John can interact as easily with software developers and top managers, and knows many of the subtleties of communicating with different cultures.

John straddles the two worlds of agile software development and large-scale programme management.

He manages to focus both on daily administrative tasks and software development.

He always did a great job of managing software implementations.

He uses all the big software programs and actually "enjoys" learning new software.

He understood the software and hardware development process, but was comfortable delegating and never micro-managed.

John's experience both writing software and managing developers were immediately evident in our work together.

On top of the creativity, he is methodical, organized, and knows how to manage agile software development cycles.

His technical ability in regards to software development and test automation would be an asset to any serious software development outfit.

He transformed our organization to become one of the most valued and efficient software development groups in the whole company.

His capability is an asset to any software development or technology company.

We gave him a fairly complex software development assignment which he managed to finish successfully in a limited period of time.

His passion to develop and fairly manage his reports is directly correlated as to why so many under him have flourished.

In another instance, he took over a complex software development program that was not on track.

He developed a software measurement program that was successfully instituted.

He understands how to manage software development, controlling feature creep without stifling innovation.

John cared about the development of young managers such as himself.