Software Product Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Software Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He also listened to him as the product manager and subject matter expert.
His management style is conducive to achieving productive environment.
John's approach and enthusiasm make him a valuable product manager.
He is an excellent, driven, results oriented product manager.
John started two weeks before him and we worked on different modules of the same software product.
Docs are such an important (and underappreciated) deliverable for great software products.
His passion for building software products was always reflected in all his conversations.
He demonstrated authority and well as passion in all the products he managed.
John quickly came up to speed on our products and stays on top of software changes related to each software release.
There he was the software architect of another group that delivered software to be integrated into our product.
John's contributions helped ensure the software eventually made it into production as a success.
John understands and enables the larger ecosystem that surrounds successful software products.
Against this backdrop, he managed to make our interactions cordial and productive when it could have been very different.
John's perspective on the product and lifecycle management were always valued throughout the organization.
As a product manager, he was straightforward, focused and well organized.
Highly recommend him to organizations needing a thorough product manager.
John can transform an organization as a product management guru.
His ability to take on board a new software product and generate opportunities to sell that product is un-matched.
He knew what needed to be done to products the software and drove the actions of others to lead to a successful product.
His leadership qualities enable him to manage a group of product managers and make them highly productive.
He took a software product that could have been boring to train on and made it fun.
He truly is a rare type of product managers that you don't really see these days.
John sought out production software that enhanced his own learning and his fellow classmates.
Work with him if you can - you'll learn a ton, and end up with a great software product.
His years of experience in product management have allowed us to launch one of the most successful and anticipated products of the company.
He managed all aspects of product releases and helped immensely in problem solving to get the product out the door.
His focus is enterprise software products in the infrastructure space.
He easily understands software product requirements turning them into great products our customers love.
He keeps on top of recent technology trends and the latest software products.
Not only does he have a great grasp of complex enterprise software concepts, he managed his product launches with precision.
John's approach as his manager is happy employees are productive employees.
John is not only an exceptional product manager, he's a leader that drives other product managers to deliver tangible, measurable results.
He resolved technical software issues on our production related to old and new software issues.
Given that his background is in product management, sponsorship is not exactly in his comfort zone and that makes it all the more remarkable.
John visited our institution twice to better determine our needs and how the product he managed could better serve us.
He understood the ins and outs of what we were doing and provided solid management to product completion.
He's managed to push our product to the limit in ways we weren't even aware ourselves where possible.
He understands and accepts his responsibilities which makes him a perfect product manager.
John's ability to clearly set expectations in the world of product management is uncanny.
His calm, encouraging management style certainly makes for a platform of productivity.
He is easy to manage and takes ownership of the products he is responsible for.
First and foremost, he is a dedicated, scrappy and hardworking product manager.
He managed to achieve best in class conversion rates for Heineken products.
John managed to make a fair go of a so-so product which is difficult to do.
He effectively managed him customer base and later him product portfolio.
John would be an asset to any company as a product manager or otherwise.
He showed a great insight and devotion to the product he was managing.
Very quickly, he took on additional responsibility as product analyst and product manager.
It was a pleasure working with him and reselling his fantastic software products.
John excels in product management and has been instrumental in guiding the strategic positioning of our software platform.
John managed across many product areas and was knowledgeable about them all.
It's just a matter of minutes for him to investigate any software and come into terms about what would be productive.
What's more, he has the capability to understand a product from both the software and hardware point of view.
This is because he profoundly understands the intricacies of what it takes to build software products.
When teaching software products to his students, he makes it easy to understand and use.
It is a combination that makes him invaluable when building complex software products.
His ability to use software as a productivity tool sets him above his peers.
John will definitely be a great asset in any software product teams.
He also understands the production software very well and is sensitive to customer impact.
John's grasp of the marketplace, him software product offering, and what he wanted to achieve helped enormously.