Software Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Software Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

This made him extremely valuable to his company's software implementation project.

His role was to project manage the delivery of the new software system.

He possesses thorough knowledge of project management principles and software architecture, which always resulted in successful software implementations.

John joined the software project at the crucial time of the software vendor gathering our user requirements.

For him as a software supplier, he is his preferred supplier of the hardware we use for our projects.

At that time, he contributed to many projects, creating software that is effective and reliable.

He has been a huge asset to his software implementation project and would add tremendous value to any project he is given.

He understands how to take a complex software project and make sure the pieces come together to ensure success.

A successful, serial, software entrepreneur, he is approachable, funny and passionate about his projects.

He clearly understands the requirements to bring an embedded software project to completion.

He maintained multiple project streams will mentor him in software craftsmanship.

His expertise in excel, our company project and other online software is admirable.

John managed projects with cross functional teams with ease and his projects always were always very successful.

John project managed a computer upgrade project for us involving quantum leaps for our organisation in hardware, software and culture.

John read "proper books" about software and created his own "pet projects".

He automated the builds of all software modules in this project.

He pays attention to detail and is very good at large software projects.

John done several projects for him, such as writing white papers and documentation for software.

As project manager, he maintained a keen eye on all of the facets of our sustaining software projects while maintaining efficient time lines.

He is well versed in many software platforms, and is always a valued member of every project he is involved with.

He is extremely smart, he understands the software very well and foresees lot of project management issues and solves them immediately.

John provided solutions that were cutting edge and on point both for hardware and software projects.

He also demonstrated his capabilities to successfully direct the project vendors implementing their software for his projects.

John demonstrated the ability to break down a very complex software project at the start into successful manageable deliverables.

He tackles new projects with enthusiasm and is always willing to learn new software languages.

And he can put effective project management processes into place to for large-scale projects, as he's done with our company's largest software development project.

After the project gets started, he acts as an account manager throughout the project lifecycle and sees that his projects get done on time and on budget.

He always seemed to have complete knowledge of the latest software and its usage for construction project management.

He manages projects well and has a good grasp of software product management processes.

He helped define the scope of the project to meet our needs, wrote the software and the associated manuals.

We worked together on an enterprise software project where his political savvy, problem solving, and project leadership was evident.

It was a pleasure working with him on his software implementation project.

He introduced some new methods for estimating and managing large software projects whilst we worked together.

As project manager, he has the overview, controls the project, he is decent, calm, optimistic and realistic.

John transferred all requirements into a well-functioning software and his suggestions enriched the whole project.

Not having the words to humanly express the major benefits of his software, stalled his project.

Highly recommend him as software project manager, product manager and team leader.

He always adds high value at discussions of potential software projects and solutions.

He keeps all the stakeholders well informed of the status of the projects under his management.

He managed each of these projects efficiently and kept us well informed on their progress.

You always feel his enthusiasm for software and the decades of experience he brings to a project.

His attention to detail was excellent and essential in complex software localization projects.

In this project, he has clearly demonstrated he can understand and exploit the inner workings of devices and software.

John worked for his company on a new route optimization software project.

He then provides the knowledge and leadership to complete the project with his software team.

He's able to drive a software project from start to end, deal with any kind of problem along the way.

Shortly after he joined our software team, he quickly grasped the overall software architecture and started to contribute to the platform project.

As a project manager, he was able to control project variables that can often derail a project from reaching its objectives in the set timelines.

John is fantastic to work with as he was the project manager on a significant campaign software implementation project we both worked on.

Further, as a project manager and lead on many of the projects he ensured deadline completion while never being afraid to think outside the box.

We have also collaborated on a software project in which he has been an unfailingly straightforward, honest and trustworthy partner.

In his role managing mainframe, mid-tier and client software, we worked together on many projects.

He managed teams, complex software deliverables, and also led the architecture/design of system/application software across the portfolio.

He shared both his expertise in the software and as an editor with him, providing feedback on the projects.

John showed a very detailed approach in every software project he worked on.

John understands the science of software and is a strong organizational force on a project.

John's management of a project has a good balance of customer satisfaction and project profitability.

Not only his own contributions help advance any project, but he has always been willing to help others through his great knowledge of software management, scripting and virtualization; just to name a few.