Speaking Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Speaking Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It was especially refreshing to hear his candid comments about speaking industry myths as well as changes in the industry.

In our industry that speaks more to the job he does than anything else.

Each one of them followed-up to thank him for having him speak.

He came highly recommended to him by several individuals in the industry, which speaks for itself.

He speaks up and will make you think and look from different perspectives.

Underlining this, he is the one that can make the figures speak.

As his speaking coach, he taught him so much about the speaking industry, as well as how to book paid speaking engagements.

He could speak to any audience or industry and be relevant - his messages are just that powerful.

We asked him to speak numerous times because he connected with others in the industry.

His passion for our industry is evident from the first time you speak with him.

If you speak with him about getting healthy, you are speaking with someone who is truly concerned for your well-being.

His speaking is geared towards the audience he is speaking to.

It would have been enough for him to speak with any one of these areas.

His certifications speak for themselves as he prides himself on staying above the cutting edge of the industry.

His list of connections speaks loudly to his status and reputation in the industry.

If you don't know this about him already, you'll certainly know it within one minute of speaking to him.

Also looking forward to speak with him again at conferences, he clearly knows his stuff.

He goes out of his way to walk around and speak to everyone and see how they're doing.

He can get things done that no one else can seem to- his resume speaks for itself.

He is one of those who did not speak so much, but everyone listened when he did.

You would do well to speak with him if you're looking to hire any such position, .

John doesn't need recommendations, it all comes across just by speaking to him.

He speaks out when something needs to be known and he has his facts straight.

He always made himself available to speak with and his comments were positive.

We would definitely have him back to speak to our participants in the future.

John's accomplishments speak for themselves, and he's just getting started.

John is known for, the conviction with which he speaks on various subjects.

Those who know him speak very highly of him and those who don't soon will.

Whenever you speak to him you always know he is smiling on the other end.

If you've never heard him speak, then you don't know what you're missing.

If you want to speak with him further about their help, please contact him.

He has been always confident, and can speak up when he things are off track.

John speaks the truth, something we all look for in but don't always find.

Highly recommended for anyone that has the opportunity to see him speak.

There can be no doubt that whatever he speaks about is tried and true.

He does everything the right way and his results speak for themselves.

We look forward to having him back for future speaking opportunities.

John knows his stuff and will speak up, directly and courageously.

If you need someone to speak on any particular topic, he's your man.

He made it feel as if he we're speaking to each of us one on one.

So he's not an "inspirational speaker" - he's someone who speaks.

Listen to him when he speaks as he knows what he is talking about.

Should you have an opportunity to speak with him, do not hesitate.

Thank you for being there and speaking to him (us) from your heart.

We speak every week and nothing is too much for him to help with.

John contacted him to help with speaking at one of his conferences.

He always speaks to the point and knows exactly what he is doing.

You only need to speak with him once to understand his impression.

All participants will get something from listening to him speak.

He will make you feel as though he is speaking directly to you.

John, whether he's speaking to thousands or to one individual.

He talks very less but whenever he speaks, makes it to the mark.

He also expresses himself clearly in speaking and in writing.

But you already know that because his resume speaks for itself.

One is his ability to think and speak very clearly on his feet.

And there are few anywhere who can match his speaking ability.

If he did not know with whom to speak, he knew who would know.

If you get the opportunity to see him speak - don't miss him.

Technically speaking, there is not an environment he not seen.

John's experience in the domain industry speaks for itself, but his strengths are in getting things done.