Speaking Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Speaking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His experience speaks for itself, yet it is his soft skills that speak volumes.

If nothing else, that it speaks volumes about his managerial & leadership skills.

His speaking skills were excellent and his thoughts were always insightful.

Him outstanding speaking skills set and an example for all to follow.

His speaking and influential skills are the commendable attributes.

The number of certifications speaks about his diversified skills.

Really speaks to his skill in dealing with difficult situations.

He is a great help to him in crafting his own speaking skills.

John is an expert in speaking and his motivational skills go over and beyond what you would expect.

With so much persuasive skill whenever he speaks, its sound so convincing.

This comes across in his excellent speaking and article authoring skills.

His preparation is comprehensive and his speaking skills immaculate.

He speaks from the stage with remarkable sincerely and skill.

John has motivational speaking skills where he can speak to teens in a way that they genuinely understand.

He has excellent motivational speaking skills, and rarely uses notes because he speaks from the heart.

John also knows when it is his turn to speak and when he should defer to others with a different skill set.

Furthermore, he possesses exceptional speaking skills, especially with diverse audiences.

John inspires others with his speaking skills and brings smiles to everyone around him.

John does not need a recommendation, his skills and capabilities speak for themselves.

Great speaking skills and good follow up go is two of his greatest attributes.

His skills are amazing and the awards and results speak for themselves.

All of these traits speak to his great leadership skills and abilities.

His speaking skills, poise, and genuineness have grown exponentially.

John speaks again in a heartbeat and highly recommend his skills and speaking ability.

Him resume/profile speaks to his abilities, skills, and experience.

Because he not only knows about that he speaks, he has an open mind, the primary skill for being great.

He motivates everybody to accomplish more and more confidence on the speaking and leadership skills.

Him speaking skills and ability to engage the audience were excellent.

John has the skills to put everyone in the room at ease when he is speaking.

His strong presentation skills evident when he speaks at conferences.

He speaks quite well, and has received accolades for his platform skills.

His communication skills are top notch, and enable him to speak with anyone above or below him without prejudice.

That he has been consistently successful speaking to his mastery of the many skills that must be brought to bear.

John allows his actions to speak when all those around him brag and primp to cover their lack of skill.

That right there speaks to how good he is but also how diverse and versatile him skill set is.

John's workshop and speaking skills left an inspiring effect on all who participated.

John captivated the audience's attention with his humor and dynamic speaking skills.

His ability to speak from the heart clearly and confidently is a valuable skill.

He has great leadership skills and knows how to energize a crowd when he speaks.

The fact that he is not so rigid speaks volumes in terms of his skill set.

During his search, he took the time to speak with him to gather and understand his skill set and matched those skills with excellent opportunities.

His skill and experience speaks well of his ability to excel in the workplace.

This obviously speaks to his organizational and communication skills.

Both of these skills speak to his overall drive for results and dedication to his profession and colleagues.

The good thing about him is that he speaks well and has good communication skills.

He writes well and is someone who only speaks when he has something useful to say.

Once you meet and speak with him you will see why he is so well respected.

He speaks up at the right times and provides just the right advice.

John, thank you for taking the time to speak at the conference.

You can most definitely hear and see his passion when he speaks.

If he ever comes your way sees him speak, it's worth your time.

John also knows when to speak up and ensure he is using his skills and judgment to provide proper leadership.

This can be challenging and it demonstrates him speaking skills and understanding of the subject matter.

His presentation skills are excellent, and he can successfully speak to any audience about anything.

He not only speaks about these strategies he demonstrates this skill sets everyday.

His organizational skills, commitment, and loyalty to his craft speak volumes.

His presentation skills session with our speakers boosted their confidence and honed their speaking skills well.

This man speaks for himself as his experience speaks for itself.

He has excellent public speaking skills- he is motivated and inspires trust when he speaks.

He is passionate about what he does, and he is not afraid to speak out against things he views as sub par or off course, and that can be a very useful and necessary skill and mindset.